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5 Best Toyota Tundra Tuners & Programmers

5 Best Toyota Tundra Tuners & Programmers
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Top Rated Tuners & Programmers for Toyota Tundra

Whether you are looking for some extra Horsepower from your rig, or simply trying to get better fuel economy, a tuner or programmer should be next on your list.

The tuner cannot only be used for tuning, it can also be used for scanning and reading DTCs codes. It can serve multiple purpose.

A tuner communicates directly with your car/trucks computer via the OBD2 diagnostic port and allows you to take control of your ride.

The many adjustable features such as speedometer correction, transmission shift point adjustment, diagnostics, speed limiter removal/set, gauge monitoring and many more makes it one of the most robust tools for you.

And simplicity of installation just within minutes makes it better than any other performance upgrade.

So, if you’re also looking to make your Tundra faster than ever but confused in choosing the perfect tuner for your rig then you landed at right place…

In this article we will discuss all the ways that you can use to upgrade your Tundra with tuner. We will also highlight important points to remember whenever buying any tuner or programmer.

We have a Complete buying guide, which will help you in choosig the best tuner or programmer for your truck. Here in this aticle we’ve have mentioned only Imprtant Points to consider while buying a Programmer or tuner- But if you want to check Complete Buying Guide then check below.

Click here to see Complete Buying Guide for Tuners & Programmers

Points to remember while buying a Programmer

Points to remember while buying a Programmer, Tuner or Chips

  1. Vehicle Type and Model and Fuel Type

This is the important and most obvious thing to check before buying any upgrade for your vehicle. But in this case, it is foremost thing to check whether the programmer you’re buying is compatible with your vehicle or not, otherwise you will not get that power which you’re expecting.

Go through your vehicle make and model and get the best tuner for your vehicle. There are some universal programmers present in the market that will come with universal compatibility option, but it is best practice to check make, model and year before buying any upgrade.

Also, do check fuel type of your vehicle, as there are some tuners that are best suitable for gas tuning while other are made to boost performance level for diesel powered vehicles. So, it better to keep a checklist ready before getting any tuner for your vehicle.

  1. Type of Tuning

The other most important thing to consider while buying tuner for your vehicle is type of tuning. Like, which type of tuning you’re looking for. Are you looking to boost horsepower or want to increase throttle response or just want it for getting better fuel mileage.

It all depends upon your requirement and your expectations from the tuner. Some tuners are specially designed to boost HP while other are customized for improving miles per gallon. And, some multi task programmers are also there, that can do number of other tunes also.

So, totally depends upon you. It’s better to go with power programmer that can give you option of multiple number of tunes, so that if you want to re-calibrate at any point of time, you can do it without any trouble.

  1. Need / Purpose

The other important factor to consider before buying is the Purpose for which you’re buying the programmer. Don’t confuse with the (type of tuning) as that was related to your tuning requirement.

This factor is totally depending upon your purpose of using it. As in, you have to decide whether you want your tuner to just monitor or scan your vehicle or you want it to do tune also.

Also there are some tuners, that can totally control over your on-board computer and manage everything by their own.

You have to decide, if you want it just for scanning purpose then no need of speeding lot on advanced Engine Management System. Just go for simple diagnostic scanner and get it done!!

But if you’re looking for complete power package that will control your vehicle’s computer and gives you desired tunes than go for best Power Programmer or Engine Management System as per you vehicle.

  1. Ease of Operating and Installation

However, this factor does not for the mechanics but for the beginners, this plays an important role.

If you’re very new to tuning, then must look for tuner that comes with pre-loaded programs and you just have to put your basic vehicle’s details and type of tune. That’s it done! Leave the rest of the work on the tuner.

And, it’s also better to choose the tuner that you can install easily without any drilling or cutting. This point is more or less for every upgrade.

  1. Price

Last but not the least, always check for the price before buying any tuner.

Go for the cheap and best, though ECM comes at higher price but they pay you back in the form of fruitful outcomes. But it totally depends upon you, how much do you want to spend on this upgrade.

There are some cheap tuners available that will give impressive results, you can check them and compare with the expensive ones. If they are satisfying your needs of tuning, then undoubtedly go for them. But if you’re not getting what you’re looking for then choosing the expensive one is not bad idea.

As, tuners are one of the most important upgrade and if you really want to see some impressive results then you have to pay what it demands.

Apart from that you can also check the reputition of that brand in the market from which you’re planning to buy tuners and what warranty the brand is offering on that tuner.

We’ve drilled down and came up with top of 5 best tuners that will help you in boosting performance, getting more throttle response, increasing HP and Torque without hampering your engine.

Top 5 Best Tuners & Programmers for Toyota Tundra

#5 Bully Dog- 40410 GT Tuner  (Upto 20%+ MPG During Towing & 25%+ in Normal)

Whether you’re looking for that extra bit of power for your tow rig, or simply trying to get better mileage, this tuner from Bully Dog proves to be best in your list.

This is not just only tuner but also act as monitor, gauge and diagnostic device in a single unit.

Bully Dog Technologies, LLC is a one of the brands known for best tunning products & programmers and became great choice for off-road drivers because of it hauling and off-roading features, or improved fuel economy for long highway hauls.

The remarkable GT transforms the utility of your vehicle by increasing horsepower, improving fuel economy, and providing a comprehensive set of monitoring features and diagnostic functions.

The GT tuner comes with pre-loaded and dyno-proven tunes that add more power, torque and increase fuel economy of your truck.

Available in both gas and diesel models this GT tuner is capable to deliver double-digit horsepower and torque gains on gas models while ramping up to triple digit dividends on diesel rigs.

4 Main Functions of Bully Dog GT Tuner:

  • Engine tuner: Bully dog’s dyno tune files (pre-loaded) calibrates the vehicle’s computer (PCM) to provide additional horsepower and torque, while optimizing fuel economy.
  • Monitor: Bully Dog GT Tuner allows you to monitor all parameters and keep an eye on engine critical data, signals and warning indicators.
  • Gauge: This tuner act as a gauge also and combines all gauges into one single gauge where you can read all the data
  • Diagnostics: Allows you to read and clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs).

What can you expect with Bully Dog GT tuner:

  • For Performance Tune: You can expect around 75+ HP with 125 Lb-ft of Torque
  • For Extreme Tune: Expect around 100+ HP with 250 Lb-ft of Torque
  • And For Economy Tune: Expect around 25% increase in fuel Economy with 50+ HP Increase in normal conditions and in towing 20% Increase in Fuel Economy (around 2-3 MPG) .

Apart having many benefits of this tuner, there are certain drawbacks also that have been noted across. Firstly, this tuner can be used mostly for towing purpose and for off-road driving, if you’re using it for normal driving conditions then there will not be noticeable change you get in terms of fuel economy.

Secondly, while using this tuner you need to do setting very appropriately otherwise this will leads to a condition in which all the signals might get messed up and your tuner will be jammed.

Key Features

  • Compatibitly : (07-17 Toyota Tundra 5.7L)
  • Four in One Unit- a Tuner, monitor, gauge and diagnostic device
  • Increases horsepower, improves fuel economy and diagnostic many functions
  • Available for both gas and diesel engines
  • Pre-Loaded with dyno tunes that add power, torque and fuel economy
  • Tunes and adjusts more than 10 parameters
  • Reads/clears DTCs codes
  • Monitor and display critical vehicle data using on screen virtual gauge
  • Day and night driving mode
  • Easy updateable through internet
  • Color display with multiple color themes

#4 K&N Throttle Control Module (50% Better Throttle Response)

Accelerate your vehicle faster with K&N Throttle control module. It does not increase horsepower rather designed to improve your acceleration times by increasing the performance of your engine.

A performance part or tuner will allow you to gain more horsepower than a throttle controller. So, you can combine a throttle controller with other tuner and get enhanced results in terms of HP, Torque and Fuel Economy.

This throttle control module from K&N is designed to improve acceleration by increasing pedal sensitivity without modifying factory ECU settings.

It basically modify and send signals to the ECU so if you’re pressing the pedal to at least 50% , ECU will see it as a 100% .

How It works?

  • Once it collects data from the gas pedal, it processes the data and modify the signal before sending it to the ECU for adjustable level of sensitivity then creating an increase in throttle responsiveness that converts your rig into whole new machine.

Easy to install in less than 30 minutes with just plug n play installation and also it does not require a software to install. You will get all necessary wire harness, module, adjustable know and detailed instructions that can help you to install it.

Performance Throttle module for tundra

After installing the module- you will notice that there will be no lag while shifting gears and your vehicle is now comes into sports mode.

If you’re really in love to tune your vehicle then it is recommended to use this throttle controller along with a good tuner that will help you in getting more HP and torque without hampering fuel economy.

Key Features:

  • Compatibility : Toyota Tundra 2007-2019
  • Accelerate your vehicle faster than eve
  • Reduces overall lag
  • Easy to install with plug n play operation
  • Does not change HP and Fuel economy
  • No Additional software and modifications needed.
  • Compatible with most of the other performance upgrades like tuners and cold air intake.

#3 Hp Tuner MPVI3 OBD2 (All in one Diagnostic, scanner and custom tuner)

There are multiple types of tuners available in the market that can perform checks, scan and read diagnostic codes and provide custom tuning to your vehicle.

This All-in-one OBD2 tuner by HP comes with all features in a single tuner. This is one of the best latest generation diagnostics, scanning, logging and calibration solution you’ll ever need for your modern OBD vehicle.

The MPVi3 allows you to professionally calibrate and tune your vehicle with the ability to view and edit the tune.

Now, you do not have waste your time and pay extra bucks to dealer to read and clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) as this MPVI3 comes with entire VCM Suite of Programs (software) which allows you to read, scan, calibrate and clear codes in one go.

VCM suite of programs comes with 2 software – VCM Scanner (all in one OBDII scanning & diagnostic software) and VCM Editor (your complete vehicle control module calibration software).

VCM Scanner: The MPVI3 when used with VCM Scanner software will allow you to view, chart, and log diagnostic data in real time through vehicle’s OBDII port. It can also act as a diagnostic code reader and allows you to configure fans, gear select, timing, air fuel ratio and more in a real time.

VCM Editor: Also, when using MPVI3 with VCM Editor software, it allows you to adjust a multitude of complex parameters such as torque strategies, spark tables, RPM limits, fan activations, transmission shift points and pressures, exhaust valve control, speedometer settings and many more.

This MPVI3 tuner is basically a pro-tuner and best for those drivers who seriously want to tune their vehicle. It is complete package of scanning, logging and calibration.

 4 Easy steps to tune your vehicle with MPVI3 tuner

  • Connect: You just have to connect your vehicle’s control module to the VCM Suite of programs using this MPVI3 tool through the vehicle’s OBDII port.
  • Read: After connecting, run complete diagnostics and start monitoring your vehicle’s performance by reading different parameters available in VCM suit.
  • EDIT: Now it’s time to calibrate and optimize your performance, fuel economy or whatever your requirement is- You can simply use VCM Editor software and tune your vehicle with a multitude of defined parameters.
  • Write: Once done with the tuning, you can now write these changes back to various vehicle control modules and done!

This is how you can tune your vehicle with MPVI3 tuner. There are multiple other tuners also available in the market but this proves to be best and handy all in one package that will let your fix your problems and do the adjustments in your rig in simple steps.

Apart from that, it also has some flaws which you cannot ignore. Firstly, it does not come with any pre-loaded tunes or calibration, so you only have to do everything. Secondly, you have to be very sure with the vehicle compatibility – otherwise it will not give your desired results.

The reason why we put this tuner at the first position is the competitive price and all pro-features. So don’t just go by the words- at least give it a try if you really love tuning.

Key Features:

  • Vehicle’s compatibility: Toyota Tundra 2007-2021 5.7 L
  • Improves Horsepower, Torque and Overall Performance
  • Does Not Include any Pre-loaded Tunes or Calibrations
  • M8 Connector, USB-C and Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity
  • Windows PC is Required for Installation and Use with 2Ghz CPU and 4 GB RAM
  • Best buy for buck
  • Unlocks PCM for tuning

#2 NEW Edge INSIGHT CTS3 Digital Monitor (Add up to 180 hp and 440 ft-lbs of torque )

Enhance your truck performance and boost up horsepower by plugging in an Edge Evolution CTS3 Programmer.

If you’re not new to tuning industry then you must know about the Edge industries.

The company was founded on the premise that Edge Products would build modules that out-performed competitors’ “chips” by using more of the OEM ECM (computer) signals and improve performance by monitoring RPM, turbo boost pressure, timing and fueling parameters.

Toyota tacoma performance tuners

The main goal was to improve the vehicle’s efficiency while providing smooth power curves that far exceed stock power bands.

Now coming back to Edge Evolution CTS3 Programmer it reprograms your vehicle’s stock computer.

It resides in the cab with one simple cable connection to the OBDII (diagnostic) port. The Evolution is used to save the stock files from the vehicle’s computer and then upload the Edge calibrations into the vehicle’s computer.

This amazing product is available for both gas and diesel pickups and SUVs. It has low-profile design and comes with the extra-large 5’ high-res color touchscreen that is ample enough to monitor all your vital engine data and more.

This product comes with multiple power levels custom tuned by a whole team of engineers, and can be installed in minutes without ever popping the hood.

Toyota tacoma performance chips

The Evolution CTS3 greatly increases horsepower and torque- depending upon your vehicle and other mods, the powerful tuner is capable of adding up to 180 hp and 440 ft-lbs of torque on diesels and up to 120 hp and 350 ft-lbs of torque for gas vehicles.

Not only does it re-tune your vehicle, it stays mounted in the cab and features real-time, monitoring of vital engine data.

What can you expect with EDGE Insight CTS3 tuner:

The tuner power levels are designed for daily driving, towing, performance and for extreme driving conditions. This powerful tuner is capable of adding up to 180 hp and 440 ft-lbs of torque on diesels and up to 120 hp and 350 ft-lbs of torque for gas vehicles.

Key Features

  • Unlocks every ounce of power with the powerful Edge Evolution CTS3 Programmer
  • Boosted horsepower and Torque to great extent
  • Custom–tuned power levels for shift points, shift firmness, torque management and fuel pressure
  • Comes with large 5” high-resolution, full-color touchscreen gives you easy access
  • Does not void vehicle’s warranty
  • Low-profile design easily adjusted in your truck
  • stays mounted in the cab and features real-time, monitoring of vital engine data.

#1 PEDAL COMMANDER – PC27 for Toyota Tundra (2007 and Newer) (Inc. Upto 20% Fuel Economy)

Pedal Commander stands at first position in our list of best tuners for Toyota Tundra.

Time to extract hidden output from your Tacoma with this Pedal Commander, which basically does not increase overall horsepower of your vehicle but provides you complete customization control over how you want your gas pedal to respond with acceleration.

For those who are not aware about pedal commander, it is a plug & play throttle response control system that allows you to control your vehicle’s gas pedal response time and throttle mapping which in turns helps the engine to respond faster, so your vehicle can accelerate faster.

pedal commander for toyota tundra

The pedal commander -PC27 proved to be a must have tuner for your Tundra as it comes with total 36 adjustable setting which are further divided into 4 different Modes: ECO , City, Sport and Sport + mode and each mode has an additional 9 adjustable setting to further fine-tune your Tundra as per your need and your driving condition.

The major advantage of including this Pedal Commander in your Rig is the economy boost, Thanks to its ECO mode which can help increase your Toyota Tundra MPG and save you up to 20% in fuel economy (around 3-4 MPG).

Economy throttle controller for Toyota tundra
Toyota Tundra performance tuner

This tuner is highly recommended if you don’t want to spend much but want some extra miles per gallon.

And, the installation part is also very quick and simple. This comes with simple plug-and-play system that will hardly take around 6-7 minutes to set-up.

Moreover, it can easily be controlled with the Free Pedal Commander app that you will get with this tuner – you just have to connect this tuner with your phone by using Bluetooth.

What can you expect with Pedal Commander:

This Pedal commander is designed for Economy, City , Sports and Sports + Mode. Expect to get around 10x better acceleration/ throttle response while using this Pedal commender (for different modes). This will also saves your fuel upto 20% while using in Economy mode.

Key Features

  • Best Economy booster for Toyota Tundra (2007-Newer) All models
  • Comes with 4 Different Modes (Boost upto 20% economy with ECO mode)
  • Works with Stock safety and does not void vehicle’s warranty
  • Compatible with all fuel types
  • Does not drain your vehicle’s battery
  • Does not needed any additional part to tune Pedal Commander
  • Helps in reducing turbo lag

Last but not Least

BONUS: Other Tuners you can also choose from

Best All in One Diagnostic Tool for Every Purpose

All in One best Diagnostic tool & tuner

#1 All in One Diagnostic Tool

Upgrade your Truck with most advanced high-end and new style auto diagnostic device developed by XTOOL. Comes with Extraordinarily powerful Rockchip 4Core processor,9.7” 1,024×768 LED-backlit glossy Multi Touch capacitive display with IPS technology. It offers mulitple functions like Key Programming, TPS, Oil Resetting, EPB, TPMS (Tire pressure), Airbag Reset, ECU Reset , Mileage , Oil Maintenance Service,, Headlight, DPF, Sensor Angle, EEPROM Programmer, Battery Management System , Air Suspension.

#2 Spring Booster for Improved Drivability (Improves acceleration rate)

If you’re looking to improve drivability without putting any extra tuning mods, then The Sprint Booster is a perfect alternative for you!

The best thing about this upgrade is -you can easily use it with or without other tuners/programmers due to its ability to work independently from other modifications.

Performance booster to improve driveablity for toyota tacoma

Basically Sprint Booster modifies the signal between the accelerator pedal module and the ECU. The improved signal encourages the throttle to open “more” than what the stock signal was providing at a given pedal position. The end result is the idle-to-full-throttle pedal travel is reduced.

Sprint Booster basically makes your truck “feel” more powerful because the given pedal input produces greater throttle opening.

Easy and quick installation, this performance mod is one of the perfect and effective upgradation for your truck.

#3 Rough Country Speedometer calibrator (if you want to add larger tires then this tuner will do the tunign)

Speedometer calibrator for Toyota Tundra

If you’re looking for getting larger tires for your tacoma then this speedometer calibrator will do the necessary calibration that is required.

This easy-to-use Speedometer Calibrator helps you quickly and easily reprogram your vehicles speedometer to match the output of your larger tires. Your vehicle’s computer is designed to track the speed based on your stock tire height. When upgrading to larger tires, there will be a discrepancy between your actual speed and the readout on your speedometer. This plug and play device connects directly to your vehicles Diagnostic Link Connector Port and in just a few minutes you can get the exact reading !

Frequent Asked Questions – Power Programmer & Chips

Q. Can I tune my Toyota Tundra?

Ans. Yes, you can tune as per your requirement. Most of the Tundra handheld tuners will come with either pre-loaded, customized, or downloadable tunes to alter the injection timing, fuel pressure, ignition timing, valve timing, throttle sensitivity, and other settings in your truck depending on what the purpose of the tune is. Moreover, there are some high-level tuners also available that can let you tune for whatever output you want.You can also choose throttle response controller that will give you better acceleration control.

Q. How can I get more horsepower on my Toyota Tundra?

Ans.  There are many ways to do so …you can get a good cold air intake , best custom tuner or even exhaust upgrade.. depending upon your need. We have a separate guide on best performance upgrades for Toyota Tacoma truck. You check that as well.

Q. Are performance tuners worth it?

Ans. The answer to this is Yes, if you’re getting high-quality engine performance tuners that will be surely worth for money. This proved to be best investment on long run also as it will not only enhance performance levels but also effects on mileage.


We hope you enjoyed the article Best Performance programmers & Tuners for  Toyota Tundra to its entire bits.

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