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5 Best Exhaust Systems for Toyota Tacoma – Reviews & Ratings | Buying Guide

5 Best Exhaust Systems for Toyota Tacoma – Reviews & Ratings | Buying Guide
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Free your ride and unleash the hidden performance of your truck by installing a new exhaust system in your truck.

Being a performance enthusiasts I always want my truck to produce more power and torque without comprising performance level.

And One of the best way to boost performance and getting that deep throat sound from your Tacoma Truck is- to install a new Cat-back exhaust System.

Choosing a best exhaust system for your truck is not a easy task as it’s difficult to choose which one is best and which gives your truck best sound without comprising the mileage along with other factors.

Before rushing forward, let’s have a look on very basic question that came in mind of every auto enthusiast about exhaust system and that question is why i need aftermarket Exhaust system for my vehicle…

As we know all vehicles must have an exhaust system in order to vent gases from the engine.

However, vehicle’s stock exhaust system probably not enough for some car enthusiasts. As for different buyers, there are different driving habits and needs in different areas, so to meet all the driving requirements every buyer should require aftermarket exhaust system that can actually deliver more benefits that stock.

Now, if we have to look after benefits-  then we should know first that what are the benefits that we can get from an exhaust system … are we looking for some extra power or just growly sound or something else. This is very common question and will definitely comes in your mind.

So, before moving forward – let’s first discuss all the benefits that you will get from After Market Exhaust system.

Benefits of Aftermarket Exhaust System:

Mostly the exhaust system is present for the outlet of the gases from the engine. However, you can’t get all of outflow with just your stock exhaust. You probably need the better with high power and other specs.

One of the most common benefit that you can surely look after is MORE POWER.

  1. More or EXTRA Power from your Rig

After installing the aftermarket exhaust – more advanced than your stock, one of the main benefit you will get is Extra Power. Aftermarket exhaust system comes with large diameter pipes and higher grade mandrel bent tubing that are designed for better laminar flow than your stock.

Not only this, the upgraded exhaust will make the air run faster which ultimately increases the power output of vehicle’s engine. This will let your vehicle’s engine breathe more easily and increase overall functionality of engine including better torque.

While your old exhaust or clogged one will affect the performance of your vehicle by directly impacting on engine’s function and forcing it to work harder to push air in and out of chamber.

There is no specific number to determine performance increase but you can expect anyways between 4-7 Horsepower increase with aftermarket exhaust along with a nice boost of torque by nearly 20-25 lb-ft.

  1. Better Roar or Growly Sound

This is second most important pull factor for which all the owners need aftermarket exhaust. Getting that low but growly sound while shifting the gears truly increases the heartbeat, and that’s where you hit the mark.

With the combination of different pipework and tube bending, each aftermarket exhaust builds to give a different but unique trademark sound.

It can completely transform the sound of your rig without hampering any performance at all.

  1. Overall Increase in Fuel Economy

Not just the sound, better fuel economy is also the greatest output for any car enthusiast. And the aftermarket exhaust will always push your engine one step forward in getting more mileage from same fuel.

With performance exhaust system, your engine will get clean and optimal level of air that decreases the need of consuming extra fuel to tackle with dirty air levels. Dirty air means more debris and bad air fuel mixture which leads to more burning of fuel as compare to clean air-fuel mixture.

Also, the increased level of torque allows your engine to maintain any speed with less throttle and with less fuel. You can easily get somewhere between 2-4% of better economy with high end performance exhaust.

  1. Increase Overall Appearance

Appearance will not be a big concern for the owners who are focusing towards only performance. But for others, appearance will be one of the main reason to upgrade the exhaust.

From racing car like sound to big truck’s roar, you will get different options in the market to upgrade your exhaust with different styles. Whether it’s steel or aluminium or comes with some other material, an aftermarket exhaust will always have a noticeable impact on your vehicle’s appearance.

  1. More Durable and long lasting life

The upgraded aftermarket exhausts are mostly build to last longer than your stock. They are made of usually with high end aluminised steel or stainless steel which last longer and highly durable than stock exhaust which is made of mild steel.

You will also get some nice warranty from different brands with aftermarket exhaust. And, some of the exhausts are there in the market which can even last up to the lifetime of the vehicle.

So, getting aftermarket exhaust is not the bad idea at all.

Now after going through all the benefits of the aftermarket exhaust system, the second thing that comes in the mind is which exhaust system do I need to buy?

….Do I need axle back or cat – back or some other?

To answer this question, we need to know about types of aftermarket exhaust systems that are there in the market.

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TYPES of Aftermarket Exhaust Systems

Mainly there are three types of aftermarket exhaust systems on the market: The name of these types of exhaust systems are basically depends upon replacement which refers to how much of the exhaust system is replaced.

Axle-Back Exhaust System:

This type of system replaces the system from the rear axle to the muffler and has the least effect on performance and fuel economy. It covers muffler, tailpipe and tips.

Axle Back Exhaust System

Mostly People who are looking for more sound than stock, they will choose Axle-back option as it will increase overall volume and produce more aggressive sound. It is also seen that Axle-back type is generally more affordable than other types.

Cat-Back Exhaust System:

A cat-back system replaces the stock exhaust system from the catalytic converter back to the muffler, and has a moderate effect on fuel economy and engine performance. It covers mid-pipe, muffler, tailpipe and tips.

CAT back exhaust System

This type is designed to yield more performance along with better sound due to more efficient flow from the larger diameter tubing and better flowing mufflers. Cat-back systems are mostly light in weight as compared to others.

Header-Back Exhaust System:

A header-back exhaust replacement completely removes your stock components and replaces them with aftermarket options. This has the greatest impact on performance and fuel economy.

Head back Complete Exhaust kit

In this type everything will be replaced, diameter of tubing will be increased, improved mufflers and catalytic converter, mid-pipes, tips everything. It is most expensive type of aftermarket exhaust system and give top performance boost along with extra aggressiveness in the sound.

Every aftermarket exhaust can have significant benefits for your vehicle, but it depends upon you what is your need…. you’ll have to choose the right option.

Generally, in an exhaust system, there are multiple components and there is option to upgrade even a single component if you want.

Before moving forward, it’s important to discuss about components of an exhaust system as it is not necessary to buy complete system every time sometimes you might think of getting a new muffler only or you can just be in need of catalytic converter. So, knowing each component is also important.

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Parts of Exhaust system

There are various parts that works together and direct harmful gases out from the vehicle, making it safer for running.

Let’s discuss about those parts in details:

  1. Exhaust Manifold/ Header:

This is the first point of contact for the exhaust gases after they exit the cylinder head. Basically, the exhaust manifold acts as a funnel and is used to collect all of the engine’s emissions irrespective of how many cylinder your vehicle has.

Then after collecting and burning it completely, the manifold also called header sends the emission to the rest of the exhaust system.

Exhaust headers

The other purpose of manifold is to protect any leakage of harmful gases and that’s the reason it is made up of heavy thick material. It is very common to upgrade the manifold with tubular header to increase the diameter of tubing so that gases will pass easily and more efficiently.

  1. Oxygen Sensor

Oxygen sensor is itself not a specific part that you can consider for modification but in all modern vehicles, there have been at least two oxygen sensors (O2 sensors) installed to sense how much oxygen is in your exhaust and sends that information to your vehicle’s computer.

O2 Sensor in Exhust

From there, the computer can then add or subtract amount of fuel to achieve maximum fuel economy. The other job it does is it makes sure that your catalytic converter is doing its job and cleaning the air going through your exhaust system.

  1. Catalytic Converter

A catalytic converter is an exhaust emission control device that reduces toxic gases and pollutants in exhaust gas from an internal combustion engine into less-toxic pollutants by catalysing a redox reaction. In other words, it changes harmful substances/gases such as carbon monoxide, nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide and hydrocarbons into less harmful substances like carbon dioxide and water vapour by means of chemical reaction.

Catalytic Converter

This is one of the most important upgrade as it will directly impact on our environment. It can almost convert 90% of harmful emissions into less harmful gases.

  1. Piping, supports and Exhaust joints

Piping makes the secure way for exhaust gases to move from the cylinders to out from your vehicle. All the parts are attached with piping. Mostly owners upgrade the larger diameter piping to make the gases flow easily and efficiently.

Supports are basically the mounts that are used to secure and fix the exhaust pipes underneath the vehicle. This is also not the part that you can upgrade but it is very important to check for broken or damaged support on regular basis, because a broken support or hanger will create pressure on other support. This thing need to be repaired as soon as possible.Exhaust Piping kit

Exhaust joints ae basically the joints that hold each and every part together. Joints cans be checked on priority basis just like supports as it will prevent any leakage of exhaust fumes.

  1. Resonator

Again, this is not the very crucial upgrade of exhaust system. This is often indulged in eliminating extra noise from the exhaust system by rejecting sound waves and cancelling each other.

Exhaust Resonator

Sometimes, owners remove the resonator and replace with a pipe, this is not recommended at all. Every part has its own potential and purpose. Removing or replacing it with any other part directly or in-directly affects your vehicle.

  1. Muffler

Muffler is one of the most important part of exhaust system. It helps in reducing the amount of noise produced by your engine while controlling the backpressure of the engine- which improve the endurance and performance of your vehicle.

Muffler eliminate the noise by redirecting the airflow. The muffler contains tubes, channels, and holes which direct gases and reduce exhaust pressure. It quiets the engine by reducing the sound pressure emitted.

Exhaust Muffler

There are different types of mufflers available in the market with different specifications. You can upgrade your muffler as per your requirement.

Don’t get confused with muffler and resonator, they are not the same – While mufflers reduce the exhaust volume, resonators tune the exhaust for a more pleasant sound.

Now, after checking every part of exhaust system- make yourself clear with one thing- that whether you want full exhaust system or you can continue with some of the specific parts.

There are separate guides also on how to buy each and every part, but if you’re not a pro and still want a complete exhaust system that will give your vehicle ultimate sound and some extra performance then it’s time to check some of the basic but important points that you can consider while buying exhaust system.

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Important Points to remember while buying Exhaust system

  1. Type and Performance

The first foremost thing that you need to scrutinize is Type and performance. Actually they both are somehow inter-related to each other. You have to decide whether you want Axle-Back exhaust system or Cat-back or you will be looking for full header back fitment.

As we have discussed, With Axle back you will get very less increase in performance but in header-back the effect on performance is highest.

Obviously, more tubing and parts will lead to better flow of gases and hence better performance. So, it depends upon you that how much performance you are looking for!

  1. Price

This is one of the most considerable factor that comes in everyone’s mind before buying anything. Same goes with exhaust system also. If you’re for more tubing and parts upgradation basically wanted to remove full stock with completely new after-market exhaust than that’s definitely hits your pocket not only from parts side but also from labour side.

However, if you don’t want to spend much and satisfied with limited performance increase then you can also go with Axle-back exhaust as it will come under your budged also and will not requires high labour cost.

The more you spend the more you get! It depends upon on you. But if you’re looking for Axle-back exhaust then do consider Cat-back exhaust also as it will effect on performance of your engine more than Axle-back and costs you little more bucks than formal.

  1. Sound

While some drivers hunt for loud obnoxious sound from exhaust system, other wants pleasant sound while some are looking for deep growling sound that reveals their presence from long distance only. It depends upon you what type of driver you are.

To get desired exhaust sound, it’s recommended to check sound clips or videos for that particular exhaust system.

  1. Material and Climate

Climate plays a very important role as it directly impacts on any type of material. For instance, if you live in a dry area, then having the aluminium exhaust installed is a good choice but if you’re living in the areas with high moisture, then you need some high end stainless steel performance exhaust to prevent your exhaust from corrosion.

It’s good if you go for exhaust that is made up of T303 stainless steel as it has high corrosion resistant properties and will work best in most of the climatic conditions.

  1. Easy Installation

This is not that important but for sure creates noticeable impact for those who are perfect in installing any type of part or accessory in their vehicle. For those who know nothing, be ready to spend some good amount to mechanic.

So, it’s better if you will choose an exhaust system that comes with proper installation guide and if possible videos also that will surely save your money.

  1. CARB legal

Now a day, most of the exhaust system that are there in the market are CARB legal exhaust, but it’s recommended to check whether the exhaust is CARB legal or not before buying and you can also check your local emissions regulations also.

So, Whether you’re looking for aggressive growl note or the mild exhaust sound this place provides you top rated exhausts for Tacoma truck from where you choose best exhaust system for your truck that will not only increases the power and torque but also maximize the performance level of your truck.

This list is totally created by looking after Customer Reviews and ratings and moreover the overall performance and looks of different exhausts.

You may have different choice of exhaust that suits your truck better! But if you’re enthusiast looking for best performance exhaust that also comes in your budget that we assure you these exhausts will never disappoint you.

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Not talking much let’s move towards our list of 5 Best exhaust systems for Toyota Tacoma that truly proves best buy for a buck.

Here we Go!

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5 Best Exhaust Systems for Toyota Tacoma

#5 MagnaFlow 15315 Cat-Back Exhaust System

MagnaFlow is the Performance Division of Car Sound Exhaust System, Inc. located in Southern California. Car Sound has been a world leader in the manufacture of catalytic converters and exhaust components for over 20 years.

Their products are backed by modern production facilities, years of research and a constant commitment to innovative technologies and manufacturing methods.

Manufactured in USA , Magnaflow MF Series Performance Exhaust are best for those who are looking for increased performance and better economy along with deep sound.

Crafted from high-quality T-409 stainless steel , it comes with larger pipers that frees your ride from any unwanted restriction of stock exhaust.

Thanks to its straight through muffler that features steel mesh core that warms up quickly and maintains optimum temperature for exhaust movement.

Moreover the mufflers contains the dense acoustical –absorbing material that filters out any vibrations and gives your truck a health growly exhaust note.

With this MF series you’ll see increase in extra power along with efficiency as it is designed to reduce engine heat and relieves backpressure for greater performance level.

You can choose from single and dual exit systems.

Moreover it comes with bolt-on installation. No need of welding just you need simple hand tools and its done.

Check out Customer Reviews & Ratings

Key Features

  • Custom designed for your Toyota Tacoma Access and Dual cab V64.0LGAS
  • Free- Flowing and Restriction free large pipe designs
  • Increased Horsepower and Torque by reducing engine hear and relieving back pressure
  • Increase Gas Mileage
  • Built with 409 stainless steel tubing and mufflers features steel mesh with dense acoustical absorbing material for harsh for smooth sound
  • Comes with variety of single and dual exit types
  • Easy, no-hassle bolt on installation.
  • Street legal in all 50 States
  • Backed by lifetime warranty.
  • Great Sound
  • Easy to Install
  • Increase Power and MPGs

  • Little Louder

#4 MBRP S5248409 4″ Cat Back

So no to your OEM exhaust and Let your ride breathe easy with an MBRP Performance Exhaust System.

For almost 20 years MBRP inc. has been delivering performance enthusiasts the most in power, the most in product quality and the most in customer responsiveness.

MBRP Performance exhaust comes with smooth mandrel-bent tubing for free unrestricted flow by reducing turbulence and backpressure.

Not only this you can also get aggressive sound along with increase in power up to 25hp and torque boosts of up to 53 ft-lbs.

From chrome stainless steel to durable black coated aluminized steel it provides complete durability and proves to be best buy for buck for you.

Thanks to its premium quality materials which increases its efficiency by maximizing exhaust flow and minimizing exhaust temperature which results in boosting the fuel mileage of your truck.

You can choose from 7 Powerful different kits designed for all types of driving.

MBRP’s performance exhaust systems are built to perform the best out of best. Moreover it is easy to clean and maintain and is best choice for lifted trucks owners.

Check out Customer Reviews & Ratings

Key Features

  • Custom Designed for Toyota Tacoma 4.0L, EC/CC 2005-2015 | 3 1/2″ OD Tip Included
  • Free-Flowing Exhaust boosts horsepower, torque and even fuel economy.
  • Reduces back pressure and turbulence
  • Constructed from T409 Stainless steel for maximum durability
  • Available in Chrome Stainless steel or Durable black coated aluminized steel
  • You can choose from 7 Different custom made powerful series
  • Available in single or dual system, and rear or side exits
  • No-weld, bolt-on design uses factory mounts for easy installation
  • MBRP includes all necessary hardware, clamps, and instructions to direct fit to the OEM hanger
  • Great Sound
  • Easy Installation
  • Deep Throaty Tone
  • Power Gains up to 25hp and torque up to 53 ft-lbs

  • Not good in looks


#3 BORLA 140680 Exhaust System

Add a touch of Borla excellence to your Tacoma with an Borla 140680 S-Type catback exhaust system. A Borla catback system will significantly increase exhaust flow over the restrictive factory exhaust system for a dramatic increase in rear wheel horsepower and an aggressive throaty sound that is not for the faint of heart.

Borla Cat-Back exhausts feature patented, straight-through and multi-core technology to unleash hidden horsepower.

Crafted entirely from premium austenitic stainless steel, superior to T-400 series knockoffs, to give absolute best in performance and durability along with offering resistance to corrosion and rust.

The Borla exhaust System comes with mandrel bent tubing to keep the pipes free-flowing and reduces kinks, blockages and back pressure

Thanks to highly precise computer-controlled CNC manufacturing process which ensure an accurate fit.

Available in Four Signature Borla Series- Touring Series (for deep throaty sound), S-type Series (aggressive attractive sound), ATAK Series (most aggressive and bold sound of all) and Multi –Core series (offers more performance with growling sound).

This S-Series of Borla Exhasut Features straight-through core dimensions, core perforation pattern and a cylindrical shape, and also delivers head-turning, aggressive sound every time you squeeze the throttle.

Street legal in all 50 states, your new Borla Exhaust System includes all the required clamps, connectors and hardware needed for a hassle-free installation and the support of a Million-Mile Warranty.

Check Out Customer Reviews & Ratings

Key Features

  • Custom Designed for Tacoma 3.5L Automatic Trans. 2 and 4 wheel drive, Crew Cab Short Bed
  • S-Type Cat-Back Exhaust System; 2.5 in.; 4 in. Single Round Rolled Angle-Cut Tip; Truck Side Exit
  • Free-Flowing Exhaust boosts horsepower, torque and even fuel economy.
  • Constructed from aerospace-gradeT304 Stainless steel superior to T-400 series
  • Comes with ultra smooth mandrel bends ensure maximum flow and power
  • Kits incorporate Borla’s patented multi-core and straight-through muffler designs
  • Choose from 4 Signature Borla Series (depending upon your vehicle)
  • Includes required Clamps, connectors and hardware
  • No-weld, bolt-on design uses factory mounts for easy installation
  • Extensively tuned and tested and Backed by a Million-Mile Warranty
  • Roaring Sound
  • Not too loud nor too slow just perfect
  • Easy to Install


#2 aFe Power 49-46033-P Rebel Series Exhaust System

Free your ride from unwanted power-robbing restriction by replacing your stock exhaust with aFe Power Rebel Series Exhaust system.

aFe power introduces an all new Rebel Series dual middle-side exit exhaust system for the 2005-2015 Toyota Tacoma with V6-4.0L engine. This Rebel Series cat-back is designed with dual black exhaust tips that exit in front of the rear passenger tire for a unique, aggressive look.

The exhaust system is constructed from 3″ dual MIG-welded, mandrel bent stainless steel tubing for maximum flow, increased horsepower and torque.

In testing, the cat-back exhaust system resulted in gains up to + 9 horsepower and + 16 lbs. x ft. of torque, as measured as in-house dyno (tested on 2006 Toyota Tacoma V6-4.0L).

This Rebel Series cat-back is designed with dual black exhaust tips that exit in front of the rear passenger tire for a unique, aggressive look.

The tips come with unique laser-etched aFe Power logos on the side and are constructed from stainless steel for durability.

Comes with Leak-free high quality clamps and stainless steel muffler that is used to absorb high pitch tones producing a powerful sound and unleashing all available horsepower and torque.

The performance cat-back exhaust system includes necessary hardware and clamps for a hassle-free install, with no cutting required making it a true bolt on system.

Check out Customer Reviews & Ratings

Key Features

  • Custom Designed for 2005-2015 Toyota Tacoma V6 4.0L
  • Free-Flowing Exhaust boosts horsepower, torque and even fuel economy.
  • Constructed from 3″ dual MIG-welded, mandrel bent stainless steel tubing
  • Unique dual, 3-1/2″ Dia. black stainless steel middle exit tips w/ laser-etched aFe power logos
  • In testing, the Cat-Back exhaust system resulted in gains up to + 9 horsepower and + 16 lbs. x ft. Of torque
  • Available in Single Side exit system
  • Uses bayonet style hangers and heavy-duty band clamps for a secure fit
  • Comes complete with all necessary hardware for a hassle-free installation
  • Great Sound
  • Easy Installation
  • Deep Throaty Tone
  • Power Gains up to 25hp and torque up to 53 ft-lbs

  • N/A

#1 Flowmaster 817614 American Thunder

Wait for the #1 Position is over!

Flowmaster American Thunder Part #817614 stands at top in our list.

Flowmaster is perhaps the most well-known and well-respected name in the performance exhaust arena, and for good reason. Flowmaster Exhaust has several decades of experience innovating and improving the design of exhaust systems for electrifying power gains and rich tones.

This exhaust is the perfect for the person that is looking for a very deep and aggressive sound level outside and inside the truck along with all of the performance benefits that you would expect from Flowmaster.

Custom- designed for your specific year , make and model the flow-master cat back exhaust system comes in 4 series :Outlaw series, American Thunder , dBX Flowmaster and Force II.

And the American Thunder series is for those who want the original and moderate to aggressive interior and exterior exhaust note.

Featuring Super 50 series muffler and mandrel-bent 2.50 in. piping throughout this exhaust system is the perfect combination of impressive sound along with performance.

You can feel the increase in performance and mileage with a deep but moderate tone inside and out.

Thanks to its stainless steel construction which gives you lifelong durability and resistance to rust.

With the large-diameter mandrel bend pipes it gives restriction free- exhaust flow and unleashed the hidden horsepower and torque.

Not only this the exhaust features Patented Delta Flow Technology and it is dyno tunes for experience maximum performance.

So Free your ride with the Flowmaster American Thunder Exhaust system that Made in the USA and backed by Flowmaster’s lifetime limited warranty for long term quality assurance .

Check out Customer Reviews & Ratings

Key Features

  • Custom designed for your Toyota Tacoma with a 4.0L V6 engine. Fits all wheelbases except Standard Cab and X-Runner
  • Free- Flowing and Restriction free pipe designs
  • Increased Horsepower and Torque
  • Increase Gas Mileage
  • Comes in Aluminum & Stainless steel Construction
  • Available in dual rear exit configuration
  • Comes in 4 different series for drivers seeking for different sounds
  • Street legal in all 50 States
  • Backed by limited lifetime warranty
  • Perfect for Performance Seeking Enthusiasts
  • Great sound not too loud
  • More Power and better MPGs.
  • Dual Exit – Stylish look

  • Installation is little difficult sometimes need help from mechanic

#Editor’s Choice –Exhaust upgrades with aFe Twisted Steel headers with Y pipes (Adding +22 Hp and +29 lbs x ft. of torque with Good Exhaust note)

Never chained down your beast with restrictive stock equipment. Rather set it free and unleashes every pinch of power it can pump out.

The best way to free your ride and experience the high-speed difference is to install aFe Twisted Steel Headers along with Y pipe.

aFe Twisted Steel heads basically are TIG or MIG- welded by certified craftsmen for race proven strength and durability. TIG-welding provides the strongest welds reducing stress cracks. aFe headers are designed to increase exhaust velocity and increase usable torque. This results in a more aggressive throttle response and increased passing power.

It is one of the best way and ultimate exhaust upgrade to boost performance level by adding astounding +22 horsepower and +29 lbs x ft. of torque.

Constructed out of 16-gauge,1-5/8″ mandrel-bent 304 Stainless Steel for maximum durability, aFe Twisted Headers designed with 3-to-1 formed collectors which decreases turbulence and increases air velocity for improved air flow.

Each tube is cut to the optimal length for true pulse control technology and mandrel bent which improves flow by virtually eliminating all restrictions.

The tubes extend all the way down to the top of the flange and merged with Y-pipe that utilizes a mitered merge collector to eliminate dead space that can cause turbulence and hinder flow.This y-pipe is designed using 2-1/2″ into 3″ transition and it utilizes Dual high flow catalytic converters which gives maximum flow.

For a leak free fit, aFe Headers comes with high quality OE style 3/8″ to 1/2″ flanges and band clamps that are used for a complete all around sealing surface with no modification needed.

Manufactured in USA the performance header and y-pipe are backed by limited lifetime warranty and are designed to be a true bolt on system with no cutting or modifications required.

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Key Features

  • aFe Power 48-46003-1YC Twisted Steel Header and Y-Pipe is custom designed for Toyota Tacoma.
  • Added an astounding +22 horsepower and +29 lbs. x ft. of torque
  • Free- Flowing and Restriction free large pipe designs
  • True formed (headers) and mitered (y-pipe) merge collectors eliminate dead zones for improved flow
  • 100% hand MIG-welded construction ensures optimal strength and durability
  • Optimized tube lengths and 3/8″ thick CNC laser cut flanges
  • Incorporates high-Flow, 400 cell catalytic converters for improved flow
  • Easy, no-hassle bolt on installation with no cutting or modification required.
  • Street legal in 48 States
  • Backed by lifetime warranty.

Instruction Manual


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