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12 Best Gifts for Every Truck Lover

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Top best gifts for every Pickup Truck owners & lovers

Truck owners are known for their highly modified beasts -that can attracts everyone’s attention on road.- If you own a pickup truck or have any truck lover in your life and you’re planning to gift them something that will surely suits him but confuse in buying, what is perfect gift ever- then you landed at right place.

Here at Trucks Enthusiasts, We’ve listed the top best products and gifts in every range that you can give to your loved ones.

These gifts are highly useful and liked by Truck owners. There is wide range of Gifts available for trucks enthusiasts you can choose according to your budget.

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So without wasting more time let’s start our list.

Here We go!

Best Gift Ideas for Every Truck owner

#1 Trucker Hats, T Shirts and RC Trucks  (Range from $10 – $80)

This is one of the best gift that you can give to your loved ones.The reason we keep it at 1st place is the cost- this is not too expensive and widely liked by any age group and proves to be perfect gift for any truck lover. You can even gift this to your children’s also who loves pickup trucks..

The tuckers hats and t-shirts or Truck RC toys are not limited to certain age group. So you won’t be disappointed with these apparel or Shirts with detailed logos and graphics and RC truck toys that is one of the favorite gift for boys and also for their daddies. So if you’re planning to give gift to your truck lover’s guys and don’t want to spend too much then this is your best buck for buy!

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Last update was on: May 24, 2024 6:13 pm

#2 Truck Tailgate Lock ($20 – $100)

Tailgate lock is something that can give truck owner full satisfaction that their tailgate will not walk away and security to their cargo or other valuables. The Tailgate Lock is a stainless steel lock that installs over one hinge post of most full-size pickups.

This is one of the other option you can add in your list . Its mostly seen that truck owners are missing out of tail gate lock so you can give the tailgate lock and helps in securing their valuables. The range starts from $20 till $100 you can get the best one .

Last update was on: May 24, 2024 6:13 pm

#3 Seat Covers For Trucks (From $40 – $200)

After Trucker hats and T shirts, the other gift that will surely impress any truck lover will be Seat Covers. Actually this is not only the truck lovers but ever Car owner loves to have a new Seat cover. So this is the best gift in the range of $40 – $200

While giving seat covers, make sure to check the model and year of the truck..

You can also check our buying guides for Best Seat Covers for different pickup trucks.

Last update was on: May 24, 2024 6:13 pm

#4 Floor mats (From $40 – $220)

You can also go for Floor Liners or can make a combination of both i.e Floor mats and seat covers. Floor Liners incorporate key elements from vehicle’s interior, giving the floor customized look and feel. Choose from different designs and colors.

There are multiple options available for floor mats , you can choose according to the truck year and model.

Last update was on: May 24, 2024 6:13 pm

#5 Tool kit ( Ranges from $40 – $250 )

Tool kit is one the most important part in every vehicle. Although every vehicle comes with its own basic tool kit but there are multiple other tool kits present in the market that proves to be the best gift for any truck owner

Some of them are-Tire Repair Tools kit, Automotive Replacement Chassis Body Lift Kits, Lug Wrenches and Suspension Tools.

It depends totally upon you- which ever you can choose- its better if you could know what type of tools your friend is using on daily basis or you also simply also ask him about this.

You can also go with Tool Boxed that also proves to be best gift and comes in same range also.

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Last update was on: May 24, 2024 6:13 pm

#6 Nerf bars (From $150 – $ 300)

If you’re a truck owner that you are pretty much aware about the nerf bars that are also called side steps or step bars. This is another option you can choose in the rage of $150 $300. The nerf bars basically adds style and functionality to the truck . Nerf bars comes in various variety including black powder-coated, stainless steel and chrome.

There are also different styles and shapes including tube steps , ovel steps, LED lighted ( one of my favorite) nerf steps . So you can choose according to the truck color and style. This also proves to be a best gift for Truck lover.

#7 Truck Tool Boxes (Ranges from $200- $500)

Truck tool boxes are one of the hardest and most important accessory for truck owners.

Having secure, weatherproof and safe storage for your tools is invaluable as no one can comprise with tools.So , this can be other option for you if you want to give best gift to truck owner. This is one of the best gift that comes under budget also and proves to be most important accessory for any truck.

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Last update was on: May 24, 2024 6:13 pm

#8 Fender Flares (Ranges from $150-$500)

Now a days, Fender Flare is one of the most popular accessory for truck. These proves to be best gift for any truck lover.

The primary purpose of fender flare is to prevent the rotating wheels and tires to throw particles such as mud, rocks, sand, liquids, and other road substances into the air. For aesthetic purpose, one can customize the look of your vehicle with this part.This is not very expensive gift but proves to be best gift in terms of looks and use.

Last update was on: May 24, 2024 6:13 pm

#9 Truck Hitch Bike Carrier ($150- $300)

Bike racks are too common and mostly liked by truck owners.

This is one of the main accessory every truck owner should need for carrying bike for outdoor trip.

A hitch-mounted bike rack is a type of bike rack that slides into the receiver of a trailer hitch on a car or truck. There are multiple other types of bike racks also there market like roof top Bike racks . It upon you whatever you can choose. We’ve listed in our other article the best 5 top Rated Roof Mounted Bike Racks for Trucks – Best Buy . You can also check from there.

Last update was on: May 24, 2024 6:13 pm

#10 All Season Tires & Wheels ($200 Onwards)

Tires are something that you can gift to your loved ones at any time whether there is anniversary or birthday or any other occasion . And these are gifted mostly to near ones as these are expensive and mostly gifted in-between family members. So if your anniversary in coming and you’re planning to gift something best for your truck lover husband then you should try All season tires.

You can also choose from different kind of wheels available in the market, though these surely turned out to be expensive one but it proves to be one of the best gift for your loved ones.

You can also gift all-season tires to truck owners who are upgrading their truck with high suspension lift kit. The bigger lift means bigger tires, so definitely it will be the best gift for them.

Last update was on: May 24, 2024 6:13 pm

#11 Amplifier & Sound System ($50 Onwards)

For dodge Ram owners who are also music lover the Amplifier & Enhanced sound system will be the best gift. Although there is inbuilt sound system that is pretty good in Dodge Ram trucks but for Music Enthusiasts more sound and bass is always better.

So you can gift Enhance Sound System, Amplifier and Speakers to your loved ones on their special occasion. We will sure this will help in making that day special for both of you .

Last update was on: May 24, 2024 6:13 pm

#12 Truck Tonneau Covers ($200 Onwards)

Tonneau covers are one of the best gifts for the truck lover. Having tonneau cover installed on truck gives you feel of security and helps in increasing mileage also. It is one of the most important accessory for the truck.

It saves & Secure your cargo and other valuables from outside weather and also gives you extra 1-2 Mpgs. The tonneau covers comes in various types according to usage and strength – Roll up tonneau cover, hard tonneau Covers and Retractable tonneau covers.

SO if you a have very close friend or want to give gift to your family member then you should definitely go for tonneau cover – as this is going to be best gift for the Dodge Ram Truck owner. Choose from our list of best Bed Cover.

Check out: Buying Guide to Choose Best Tonneau cover for Trucks

Last update was on: May 24, 2024 6:13 pm


We hope you enjoyed the article Best Gifts you should give to truck owners/lovers to its entire bits.

We do hope that this article helped you in making a definitive choice when it comes to choosing an Best and most affordable Truck  gifts for your loved ones.

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