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BackFlip VS Lund Tonneau Cover | Which is best | Buying Guide

Editor choice BackFlip VS Lund Tonneau Cover | Which is best | Buying Guide
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Premium Quality Tonneau Covers
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There are multiple brands in the market that sells tonneau covers in the market with different specifications and qualities.

But choosing the right one is little confusing task.

If you’re also stuck in same condition then you landed at right place..

Here at Trucks Enthusiasts , we will provide you comparisons, buying guide , pros & Cons and reviews for different brands tonneau covers that will help you in choosing the right cover for your truck.

Here in this article we will discuss about Lund and BakFlip Tonneau covers only, if you want to know about other brands then see here. 

Before starting with the brands let’s first look into some of the important points that need to be considered while buying any tonneau cover..

Things to consider before buying Tonneau Covers


The first and foremost thing to consider while buying tonneau cover is compatibility. You should always make sure that tonneau cover that you’re planning to buy is compatible with your truck. For that always check the size of your truck and tonneau cover.

Moreover, if you’re having some extra accessories in your truck that can be truck bed liner, bed extenders, truck tool boxes, utility track system or anything else, then make sure the tonneau cover that you’re choosing gives you perfect fit with all these upgrades. And, this is bit important also to get cover that matches with your existing upgrades otherwise you will feel that you could have wasted your money.


The 2nd most important point to take care of while getting tonneau cover for your truck is your need or purpose of buying. Tonneau covers are meant for protection and security though you can also` get good looks along with improved efficiency `but primarily they are made to protect your cargo or anything that is in your truck bed from foreign elements.

So, it depends upon your requirement and purpose for which you’re buying for. There are multiple types of tonneau covers in the market that comes with various functions and qualities like Hard covers offers excellent protection with good looks while soft covers offer less protection as compared to hard covers and also comes in less price.

Whereas, there are also Retractable tonneau covers available in the market that will totally convert your truck into fully armored truck with its ultimate level of protection. These cover also offers easy operation with its remote controlled functions. It totally depends upon your requirement.

So, this is our recommendation if you’re buying just to add good looks and coolness to your truck then go for soft tri fold covers as those are least expensive and serves best to your purpose while if you’re looking for some extra protection for your cargo then go for the Hard covers. Retractable covers are one of the expensive covers with some comes even with remote control functions so only go for retractable covers if you’re ready to spend more…


Everyone like quick and easy installation. Mostly all of the tonneau covers comes with installation guide and instruction along with necessary hardware. But some can be installed in 10-15 mins while other take 1-2 hours also. It’s totally depend upon the cover as some comes with bolt on option while other clamped easily on bed rails. And some covers require even drilling holes also. So, it depends upon you whichever you thing would be better for you – you can take according.

Maintenance (How to Clean and maintain)

As tonneau cover comes under one of the expensive and important accessory for the truck that’s the reason it requires that level of maintenance also. The more you maintain it the more time it will stay with you.

Maintenance is not that difficult task. Just you have to do some regular checks that everything is working fine or not. Keep checking for any debris, dust, corrosion or anything else that does not look normal. Always make sure that clamps, bolts and other mounting hardware won’t be loose otherwise it will damage your cover also.

Double-check your bed rails and never leave any heavy gear or load on the tonneau cover for its long life. Moreover, you can also clean Use water and mild soap to keep your tonneau cover clean.

The soap is easy on the truck and won’t harm your cover. If you have a vinyl cover, use vinyl cleaner to keep it looking new and working properly. You can also use soft cotton cloths or sponges to dry it off.


Last but not the least, this is one of the most important factor that you need to consider while buying tonneau cover for your truck. Its obvious everyone wants to buy that only cover which comes under the budget and offers the best quality.

Always choose tonneau cover according to your requirement, that will decide the price for the cover. The most cheaper ones are soft covers that offers low to medium level of protection along with good looks whereas hard covers are the expensive than soft ones and offers high level of protection along with good fuel economy and looks.

The most expensive ones are Retractable tonneau covers that not only offers protection, security and fuel economy but also comes with remote control operation- that means, to open or close the cover you just need a button and that’s it. These are also the strongest tonneau covers of all.

So, it depends upon You-go for best tonneau cover that comes under your budget.

Now, after looking into these points let’s move towards the 2 biggest brands of tonneau covers in the market.

Lund Tonneau Covers

Lund International’s are known for the best truck bed covers.  Lund International offers the industry’s broadest range of  body and appearance products to customize your vehicle by your own choice to personalize it.

If we talk about roll up covers, then Lund Genesis Roll Up tonneau cover gets the best functions as the soft top, this is the cover that rolls up in seconds, allowing complete access to the bed.

Shop Now Lund International Tonneau Covers

This Lund tonneau covers comes with a patented latching system with additional heavy-duty hook & loop side sealing to keep the cover tight and secure. The cover comes with all conditions including mounting hardware, heavy-duty adjustable clamps and no-drill installation.

Not only this,you can feel increase in fuel economy by using this cover as it helps to improve the overall aerodynamics of your vehicle, thereby reducing drag and increasing fuel economy.


  1. This cover has custom fit which covers perfectly to the edges of the truck blocking out moisture.
  2. This cover features heavy-duty Velcro hook and latch fasteners to easily access and covers the material that is either placed on the dual sides of your truck bed.
  3. This cover is made of high-quality vinyl and features with hassle-free tension control.
  4. Lund cover provides a tight fit mount that cover  to your truck bed with the heavy-duty adjustable clamps.
  5. It is designed for easy installation and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
  • High protection and security
  • Perfect Custom fit to the every corner and edges
  • Highly durable with high quality vinyl 
  • Automatic latching system
  • Gives 100% Access to Bed & Easy to install

  • Will require professional installation 

Models in Lund

Lund Genesis Elite Roll Up (Starting At: $199)

The LUND Genesis Elite Roll Up Tonneau cover is one of the best selling soft tonneau cover by Lund international that offers low-profile design and features a luxurious twill fabric. The Genesis Elite innovative design utilizes a patented latching and internal tension control system to keep the top tight. This is one of the cover in which you don’t have to spend any penny on the maintenance due to its high quality twill that let you clean it simply with water and makes it virtually maintenance free cover.Heavy-duty Velcro hook and loop fasteners are some of the add ones that comes with this cover.

Lund Genesis Elite Tri-Fold Cover (Starting At: $275)

The LUND Genesis Elite Tri-Fold Tonneau cover is one of the best tonneau cover with premium twill weave HAARTZ fabric and low – profile design that is engineered to be resistant to water, mold, mildew, UV, dirt and dust.These covers are perfect combination that comes with flexibility of a Tri-Fold and the performance of a full, one-piece seamless cover to protect your gear and cargo.Moreover it also comes with a sturdy, black powder-coated aluminum sub-frame, commercial-grade clamping system and tailgate seal.

Lund Genesis Roll Up (Starting At: $185)

Genesis Roll Up Tonneau cover is a low profile, soft top tonneau covers that rolls up in seconds, allowing complete access to the bed. These covers proves to be best buy for buck as you will get these covers at very affordable price with all advanced features. The Genesis Roll Up comes equipped with a patented latching and automatic tensioning system combined with heavy-duty Velcro side sealing to keep the cover tight and secure. Easy to install these are custom designed for perfect fit.

Lund Genesis Tri-Fold (Starting At: $199 )

Lund genesis covers are the strong tri- fold tonneau covers with low profile design and  black leather appearance premium vinyl top. Combined with the flexibility of a Tri-Fold and the performance of a full, one-piece seamless cover, it allows 100% access to your entire truck bed with an integrated clip and strap system. Moreover, it also utilizes a rigid, black powder-coated aluminum sub-frame, commercial-grade clamping system and tailgate seal. The cover comes full assembled, no drill, 5 min easy installation.

Lund Hard Fold (Starting At: $236)

Lund Hard Fold tonneau cover is the latest edition top selling premium tonneau covers. The Hard Fold has been designed exclusively with an aluminum under body frame covered with the highest marine grade cover on top.It comes with impact resistant panels that offers maximum security and protection while simplifying installation and operation. Easy to open and close, you just have to unclamp the locking handles and fold the cover forward.Moreover, it comes with  nylon straps that hold the cover in an open position when you need to haul your cargo.

Accessories with Lund Tonneau Cover

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Backflip Tonneau Covers

BakFlip Tonneau Covers are one of the most high quality and protected covers in the market . All of the covers have virtually the same rugged design features, from injection-molded latch housings and hardware to integrated drain channels that send rainwater away from the bed.

Mostly Backflip use corrosion-resistant aluminum material to craft the tonneau covers. BakFlip Tonneau cover installs in just minutes and is backed with up to 1 or 2-Year Warranty.

Every model is custom-designed to your truck bed, for a precise fit and a quick installation. They provide full truck bed access by folding up to the cab of your truck. If you are looking for a top quality hard folding tonneau cover, no other option is better that BAKFlip in the market.

Shop Now BakFlipTonneau Covers


  1. The covers comes with Premium protection armor against UV fading.
  2. Mostly made with Aluminum panels that are lightweight and provides easy opening and closing.
  3. Powder-coated finish provides a stylish look and feel.
  4. Their models supports load capacity up to 400 pounds evenly distributed.
  5. The covers comes with the option of locking with your truck’s tailgate to secure your gear.
  6. There covers are premium high quality covers that gives you all around weather protection and enhance the looks of your truck.
  7. You will feel increase in gas mileage with the tonneau covers.
  • High protection and security
  • Made from Aluminum panels and fiberglass
  • Automatic latching system
  • Gives 100% Access to Bed & Easy to install

  • Expensive then Extang
  • Will take more than 2 hours to install

Models in BakFlip

Bakflip Revolver X2 (Starting At: $870 – $1,010)

Bakflip Revolver X2 is the hard aluminum roll-up cover easily rolls up with one-handed operation and features exclusive automatic rotational locking rails that secure the cover the entire length of the bed on each side. With the easy clamp on installation and 3 year warranty , the cover does it all with unrivaled strength, security and style.Moreover it is very easy to use aluminum latches from either side and you will get 100% bed access with these covers.

BakFlip Revolver X4 (Starting At: $940 – $1,080)

Bakflip Revolver X4 is the premium hard rolling  tonneau cover in the line of revolver X2 having the same features as the previous model but with the premium matte black look. Moreover , it also comes with Automatic latching system and Patented rotational locking rails that lock 100% of the cover for unrivaled security and didn’t let any water to come inside the bed. Made with heavy duty aluminum panels , this cover is complete blend of security and looks.Moreover, you will get 3X thicker Heavy-duty locking levers with reinforced gussets for added strength.

BakFlip G2 (Starting At: $799.88 – $989.88)

Bakflip G2 is the best selling cover and a perfect cargo management solution for your truck. Made from the Durable, Solid Core Panels with Aluminum Skins, you will get full bed access and the maximum theft protection more than any other cover.It has all the features that you can expect in any premium folding cover like weather resistance, UV  resistance , sleek low profile design with easy clamp on installation.It also provides your bed complete security with its automatic latching system.

BakFlip MX4 (Starting At: $970 – $1,030 )

Bakflip MX4 is one of the most popular cover in the market with all the upgraded features of G2 Model. It is basically the upgraded version of Bakflip G2 with having all the features of G2 plus upgraded latch housing components, and an all-new integrated tailgate seal that allows the tailgate to close with the cover-up or down. Comes with Durable aluminum matte finish panels and premium density foam core, this model is capable to resist any scratch and scuff and provide all weather protection and complete security to your bed.

BakFlip FiberMax (Starting At: $889 – $990)

BakFlip Fibermax is the other model by bakflip having all the qualities of standard aluminum BAKFlip,but with the addition of an FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer) surface.The FRp material makes the cover  dent, scuff and ding resistant and even more durable than any other conventional tonneau cover. This is kind of aluminum substructure that comes with robust hinge design and patented slam latch system which make this cover easy to use and gives you full 100% access to the bed.

Bakflip F1 (Starting At: $980 – $1,120 )

Like other models, Bakflip F1 is also the upgraded version of Bakflip Fiberglass with the additonal features of having advanced impact , scratch and ding resistance high-gloss FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer) construction along with premium density foram core.Moreover, this model is more stylish and durable that offers premium dual action seal for better tailgate operation. F1’s rugged design is made to perform in severe working and weather conditions.No matter what will be the weather, it will never let anything to come inside your bed whenever closed. 

Bakflip Vortrak (Starting At: $1,320 – $1,360)

BakFlip Vortrak is the most premium retractable cover of Bak Industries.Made to give your truck sleek, low profile look, the cover is constructed of ½” thick aluminum slats that easily glide along heavy-duty aluminum rails that mount flush with the truck bed caps.This cover will give you ultimate level of protection and security, it’s like converting your truck into vault.You will get easy and full 100% access to the bed when retracted and you can easily pull it back using the minor effort with included strap. Made in USA and backed with 2 years warranty, this is one of the ultimate cover that comes with easy clamp on installation and with all around protection.

Accessories for BakFlip Tonneau Cover

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Starting Price $677.63 $185.00
Cover MatereialsAluminum or fiberglassVinyl tarps, Aluminum frames
Number of Models Available75
UV ProtectionYesYes
Works with Toolboxs?Yes, the BakBox (sold separately)Yes
Designs AvailableFolding, Hard Rolling, RetractableSoft top, hard top, rolling, folding
Drilling Required for InstallationNoNo
Warranty2-3 -Year or Lifetime, depending on coverlifetime


If we are talking about two of the most affordable and popular tonneau covers in the market then they both are best at their own place. Each company offers a great product line with variety of Tonneau Covers to please different tastes.

But if we have to choose soft rolling cover then there is no better option then lund as it is affordable with full length models and constructed with high quality material.Moreover it will come under the budget also. The lund covers are made mostly with vinyl tarps that proves best in soft covers.Moreover installation part is very easy and simple. It will take hardly 10 mins to install.

In the maintenance point of view lund covers proves to be best as most of the lund covers are maintenance free with the high quality fiber that you can clean just with the water.

While if you’re planning to buy hard tonneau cover or getting ultimate protection and security then nohtins is better than BakFlip .As in hard covers no one can compete with bakflip with the variety of models and their premium construction that will provide your bed overall protection and security along with sleek low profile looks. Though the Bak Industries covers are expensive then the lund covers but more protection needs more money.

Conclusively, for soft covers go for Lund and for Hard covers go with the Bakflip cover and also budget is the main thing to consider here. It depend upon your pocket how much do you want to spend and for what purpose you’re planning to buy the cover.

If you want to buy just to add some protection along with some good looks and don’t want to use it for heavy work loads then Lund is better option but if you’re professional and want it for ultimate protection then we would recommend you to go with Bak Flip covers

I hope this article will help you in choosing the best tonneau cover between the two biggest brands.

If yes, then do share our article on social network and let us know if you want to add something in the comparison.

We will add your content by mentioning you name.

  • Best Buy for Buck
  • Premium Quality Tonneau Covers
  • Increases Fuel Economy
  • Soft top, Rolling tonneau covers
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