2017 Ford F150 Programmer, Chips & Tuners | 5 Best Tuners & Chips to Increase Mileage, Efficiency & Horsepower


2017 Ford F150 Programmer, Chips & Tuners | 5 Best Tuners & Chips to Increase Mileage, Efficiency & Horsepower

Are you a performance enthusiast and sucks with your old factory made truck?

If yes!

Then you must landed at right place. Here you get what you looking for!

The Old factory made trucks didn’t gave you that power which a pure truck enthusiast want.

As the factory made trucks are for the masses not for the speed lovers or for the performance enthusiasts –they always want some extra boost!

Now a days the need for that extra boost is full-filled by chips,tuners or programmers.


But the question is which tuner or chip is best for you?

As Searching for the best tuner for your ride is a difficult task as while choosing you must decide which part you want to upgrade.

Whether it was the throttle response or Horsepower or the fuel economy you only need to identify which one is suitable for your truck as per your needs.

Moreover these tuners can also enhance the towing power, gear ration, Air intake index and more -The only thing is, you must need to choose the best for you.

By saving your time, we’ve listed the best Tuner,chips & programmers that will boost your horsepower, increase throttle response and even increases gas economy along with other tunes also.

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So without wasting much time let’s start our list of 5 Best Tuners & Chips to increase Mileage, Efficiency & Horsepower of your 2017 Ford F150 truck.

Here we go!

#5 DiabloSport I2050 inTune i2 Performance Programmer

Being a horsepower junky and sucks up in fixing your ford truck.Whether you have a chevy,GMC or Ford boost your power with the DiabloSport I2050 inTune i2 Performance programmer.

But how can you spend your bucks without knowing about the brand.let’s first know the brand!

DiabloSport was the first company (in the US) to come out with the EECV chip, as well as the first performance company to produce a switch chip.DiabloSport has become a well-known leader in electronic handheld programmers of Engine Control Units for Ford and General Motors.


Now,with this DiabloSport I2050 inTune i2 Performance programmer you can upgrade your truck with more throttle response and boosted horsepower.

The inTune i2 programmer is pre-loaded with dyno-tested performance programs designed specifically for your car or truck.


The DiabloSport inTUne i2 programmer makes your ride rapid and quick with the boosted performance level.Not only this the inTune i2 programmer optimize drivability by enhancing the horsepower.

Coming towards the box-The inTune i2 programmers comes with high-res 2.8” color touch screen with intuitive menus that gives you incredible high response.

With this faster processor you can get the more internal storage memory and also you can create and store custom tunes that can be suitable according to your changing driving conditions.


With the Easy tune mode with simple walkthrough yes/no question you can boost your horsepower in minutes only.

The DiabloSport inTune i2 Programmer works as a scan tool to diagnose and clear engine fault codes.If you want to upgrade the inTune programmer then you can simply connect via Wi-Fi , PC ,Mac OS or Lynx and update it!

Check out Customer Reviews and Ratings

Key Features

  • Pre-Loaded Tunes improves response, Optimize shift patterns
  • Measure and stores performance to help you dial-in your settings
  • Works as scan tool to diagnose and clear engine fault codes.
  • Boost performance level and horsepower
  • Faster processor, updated graphics and more internal memory than the standard inTune
  • Easily connect via Wi-Fi,PC Mac OS or Linux
  • Easy tune mode with simple functions

#4 Superchips 1845 Flashpaq F5 Programmer

When it comes to get the most out of your truck’s upgrade then nothing is more better than Superchips Flashpaq F5 Tunes. It boosted your performance level and increase the gas economy.

If you don’t aware about the brand then let me tell you some info about the brand-Superchips Inc. was founded in England in 1983 and continued to excel in racing, along with providing more power for street driven vehicles. Their current performance tuning comes from years of experience in tuning computer-controlled cars, trucks and SUVs, unleashing the power potential hidden under your hood and delivering more power for tow and go!


Now coming towards the tuner, Superchips Flashpaq F5 Tune comes with a hi-definition 2.8” full-color screen and easy to use graphic interface .

You can easily increase power of your truck with this most versatile tuner even just in minutes as no need to wrenching all weekend long just plug n play and the superchips Flashpaq increases your vehicle’s horsepower,torque and throttle response in not time.


Thanks to the high speed processor and increased memory that can allow you tune your truck at lightning fast speed.

With Superchips Flashpaq F5 programmer you can easily make speedometer corrections for changes in tire size and gear ratio.

Superchips Flashpaq F5 tuner provides tuning for shift points, shift firmness and TQ management. You can also adjust speed and rev limiters with the flashpaq F5 tuner.


Whether you’re looking for better fuel economy, power boosts or just need to check your engine vitals, you’ll get what you’re looking for from this advanced Superchips Flashpaq F5 Tune.It’s just like active fuel management control.

Check out Customer Reviews and Ratings

Key Features

  • Squash out the every ounce of power
  • Speedometer correction for changes in tire size and gear ratio
  • Adjust speed & rev limiters
  • Tuning for shift points , shift firmness & TQ Management
  • Boost performance level for gas and diesel trucks
  • High-Definition 2.8” color screen with easy to use graphic interface
  • Increased memory with quick processor that allows your faster updates
  • Easily checks your engine vitals
  • Active fuel management control

#3 SCT 5015P Livewire TS+ Performance Ford Programmer/Monitor

Unlocks your vehicle’s hidden performance with this SCT Liverwire TS+ Performance programmer.

When you buy your truck from the factory it is calibrated for the masses i.e designed with the average driver in mind, not for the performance enthusiast. And if you want to unleash that power and torque hidden inside your truck then you need some tuner or programmer.


The Livewire TS+ is the best answer as it unlocks your vehicle’s hidden performance by re-calibrating your vehicle’s computer for Maximum Horsepower & Torque, Increased Throttle Response, Firmer Shifts and even Increased Fuel Mileage.

SCT Livewire TS+ comes with Dyno Proven tune that enhances your truck’s performance by optimising vehicle’s Air/Fuel Ratio, Engine timing & fuel Curves for maximum performance while maintaining OEM reliability & drive-ability.


Now towing a fully loaded race trailer or any other load easier with its Towing tune files that adds the perfect mix of horsepower & torque and helps in making hauling loads easier.

SCT’s Performance & Towing tune files not only optimize the vehicle for Maximum Performance, they often increase the vehicle’s fuel mileage by up to 1-2MPG!

SCT Livewire TS+ comes with 4” touch screen display with rear views camera input. The tuner can holds up to 10 custom tunes and has adjustable tune options.


With the SCT Liverwire TS+ you can always stay updated with its built it WI-Fi that download updates anytime anywhere.

Thanks to its Switch On-the-Fly technology that allows you easily switch between performance and towing tunes even while driving!

The tuner comes with high speed data logging & monitoring with built-in performance calculator. It can reads & clears DTC codes.

No need to re-program your trucks computer when getting ready to tow, simply select the Tow power level and go! Switch On-The-Fly only available on select diesel vehicles.

Check out Customer Reviews and Ratings

Key Features

  • Maximise Horsepower & Toque
  • Increased Throttle response ,Firmer Shifts and increased Fuel Mileage
  • Color 4″ touch screen display with rear view camera input
  • Holds up to 10 custom tunes and has user adjustable tune options
  • Built-In Wi-Fi for easy updates
  • High speed data logging & monitoring with built-in performance calculator
  • Reads & clears DTC codes
  • Improved user interface for easier navigation

#2 Edge Products 85450 CTS2 Gas Evolution Programmer

Enhance your truck performance and boost up horsepower by plugging in an Edge Evolution CTS2 Programmer.

If you’re not new to tuning industry then you must know about the Edge industries.

The company was founded on the premise that Edge Products would build modules that out-performed competitors’ “chips” by using more of the OEM ECM (computer) signals and improve performance by monitoring RPM, turbo boost pressure, timing and fueling parameters.


The main goal was to improve the vehicle’s efficiency while providing smooth power curves that far exceed stock power bands.

Now coming back to Edge Evolution CTS2 Gas Programmer it reprograms your vehicle’s stock computer.

It resides in the cab with one simple cable connection to the OBDII (diagnostic) port. The Evolution is used to save the stock files from the vehicle’s computer and then upload the Edge calibrations into the vehicle’s computer.edge_evolution_cts2_programmer_screens_animation

This amazing product is available for both gas and diesel pickups and SUVs. It has low-profile design and comes with the extra-large 5’ high-res color touchscreen that is ample enough to monitor all your vital engine data and more.

This product comes with multiple power levels custom tuned by a whole team of engineers, and can be installed in minutes without ever popping the hood.


The Evolution CTS2 greatly increases horsepower and torque- depending upon your vehicle and other mods,the powerful tuner is capable of adding up to 180 hp and 440 ft-lbs of torque on diesels and up to 50 hp and 50 ft-lbs of torque for gas vehicles.

Not only does it re-tune your vehicle, it stays mounted in the cab and features real-time, monitoring of vital engine data.

Check out Customer Reviews and Ratings

Key Features

  • Unlocks every ounce of power with the powerful Edge Evolution CTS2 Programmer
  • Boosted horsepower and Torque to great extent
  • Custom–tuned power levels for shift points, shift firmness, torque management and fuel pressure
  • Comes with large 5” high-resolution, full-color touchscreen gives you easy access
  • Add up to 180 hp and 440 ft-lbs of torque on diesels & up to 50 hp and 50 ft-lbs of torque on gas
  • Low-profile design easily adjusted in your truck
  • stays mounted in the cab and features real-time, monitoring of vital engine data.

#1 SCT 7015 X4 Power Flash Programmer

Wait for the first Position is over The SCT X4 Power Flash programmer stands at #1 Position in our list.

SCT’s handheld automotive performance products increase your vehicle’s horsepower, torque and throttle response by optimizing your vehicles PCM (engine management computer).


Instead of optimizing your vehicle’s PCM (engine management computer) for performance, SCT’s Fuel Economy products optimize your vehicle’s PCM for maximum fuel economy.

SCT X4 Power Flash Programmer comes with custom tunes as it stores up to 10 custom tunes created by your local SCT custom Tuning Dealer.


SCT X4 programmer comes with big power in small package as it pre-loaded with Dyno proven tune files that increase horsepower and torque.

High horsepower add-on’s such as superchargers and nitrous oxide often require “custom tuning” in order to optimize your vehicle’s PCM for such a large increase in horsepower and torque.


Thanks to it Full color LCD Display for easy viewing ,day or night. Coming towards its Installation you can easily install it via your vehicle’s OBDII port.

You can adjust your axle ratio by correcting the vehicle speedometer and fuel efficiency calculations. Moreover the programmer allows you go disable the CMCV (Charge Motion Control Valve) in your vehicle PCM to prevent a check engine light and other issues associated with removing the CMCV plates in your vehicle.

It can also adjust idle position of the engine and keeps your vehicle’s voltage up while running auxiliary electronics off of the vehicle’s power system.


It also allows you to adjust the intake airbox. The SCT X4 Power flash programmer enables the MDS (Multiple Displacement System) that initiates a fuel saving 4-cylinder engine mode and disables additional engine cylinders.

You can easily monitor your engine parameters with this advanced programmer as it monitor EGT temps,air-fuel ratio and other popular sensor data.

Check out Customer Reviews and Ratings

Key Features

  • Increased Horsepower, torque, throttle response and gas mileage.
  • Custom tunes-Stores up to 10 tunes
  • Built in Wi-Fi
  • Reads & Clears PCM Diagnostic Trouble Codes
  • Monitor EGT temps, air-fuel ratio and other popular sensor data.
  • Installs quickly & easily via your vehicle’s OBDII port.\
  • Full Color LCD display for easy viewing, day or night.\
  • Can adjust your Axle Ratio, Engine Idle position, Intake Airbox and can delete CMCV


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