Top 3 Best 6” inch suspension lift kit for Toyota Tacoma | Buying Guide


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Here in this article you will find the list of best suspension lift kits for your Toyota Tacoma truck that will make your beast ready for ff-road- but before starting our list let us know about lift kit..

… basically First and foremost thing what is lift kit ?

A lift kit basically known for raising the body or suspension in a vehicle. A body lift increases the distance between the frame and the body while a suspension lift increases the distance between the axles and the frame.

Everyone has different reason to install a lift kit- someone wants it for Off-road while other wants it just for looks – So it varies from person to person why they need lift kit to be install in their truck.

Things to consider while shopping for a lift kit-

The First and foremost thing is to consider before buying suspension lift kit is your way of Driving .As you’re daily driver or just using it during weekends during your trips..

It depends upon the driving habits as converting your vehicle into an off-road beast will completely change the driving experience – you will feel change in steering geometry along with the aggressive looks while driving. These things are common however some lift kits did not alter the factory ride- but yes! Some change is there.

Second, budget is the main concern while buying – so it depend upon how you want to lift your vehicle. As in you only need small body lift or want it for racing or off-road things –it depends upon you only.

Some lift kits comes with adjustable control arms, brake lines, shocks or sway bar disconnects and some comes with just spacers or add-a-leafs instead of new coils or leafs springs. And wait -in many of them you usually need larger tires, new gears and all similar stuff which will directly add up in cost- So it totally up to you.

Types of Suspension Lift Kit

Now let us move towards about the types of lift kit available in the market. Generally there are 4 -5 types of lift kits available which include body lifts, spacer lifts ,coil spring lift kits, short arm lifts and long arm lifts. Generally these are categorized based on maximum ground clearance, off-road experience and basically inches of lifts as in how much inches you need while lifting as it directly impact on tire size as they both go hand in hand.

First comes Body lift-if you’re looking for some 1-3 inches lift under a couple of hundred dollars then this is a lift kit for you. As it comes with spacers and bolts which are then installed in between the body and frame for giving your vehicle additional height without going out of your budget.

Second is the Spacers lift– Again this lift kit is for budget buyers. It adds up to 2.5 inches lift in your vehicle. This is just for increasing the visual aspect of your vehicle as in your vehicle looks lifted . This lift kit comes with .75-2.5 inch thick polyurethane coil spacers which are placed on top of the stock coil springs resulting in add up to 2.5 inches of lift. You can combine with larger tires also along with this for extra lift.

Third is the Coil Springs Lift kit– First two kits basically lift your vehicle upto 2.5-3 inches if you need more lift then this lift kit will help you. This lift kit basically replaces your stock coil springs with longer, stiffer coil springs adding 1.5-3. Inches of additional lift. It will let you add bigger tires and gives you better off-roading performance. It will also improve your articulation and driving experience. This lift kit comes with adjustable front track bar, longer shocks, brake lines extensions, track bars and more.

Fourth one is Short Arm Lift kit- Similar to Coil spring lift kit, it has same components as the coil springs in addition it comes with adjustable control arms which will provide you room for 2-6 inches lift. More lift means more off-road experience and bigger tires along with greater suspension travel.

Last one is Long Arm Lift Kit- being the most expensive lift kit of all this will add additional 3- 6.5 inches lift in your vehicle. This lift kit will give your serious off-roading experience and along with bigger tires, exhaust modifications and some extra gears. This is purely for off-roading if you want for occasional off-road trip then go for short arm lift kit.

This is all about the types of lift kits. Now coming towards our list of best kits Here in this article – keeping in mind these points we’ve listed the top 3 best Suspension lift kits that will add up to 6 inches lift to your Toyota Tacoma.

If you want more lift or lesser lift then you can check our other article for choosing the best lift kits around the web.

Without wasting more time let us start our list of top 3 best suspension lift kits for 6 inches lifts to your Toyota Tacoma.

Here we Go!

#3 Toyota Tacoma 6″ Full Suspension Lift Kit Zone Offroad w/Black Nitro Shocks

Convert our Tacoma truck into off-road beast by using Toyota Tacoma Zone Off-road 6in suspension lift kit.

Adding a Zone Suspension lift kit not only gives taller look to your truck but also allows you to accommodate larger tires with more aggressive stance.

With the impressive 6in suspension lift kit , it increases tire clearance and let you add up to 36 inch high tires.

Zone offroad will never compromise with the quality as the lift kit is constructed with superior quality material that offer lifelong durability.

Whole kit is made to give top notch performance even during climbing dunes, hills, or rolling down the interstate.

Zone lift kits feature Zone shocks, CNC machined steering knuckles, and top notch rear blocks.

Kit Contents

  • Includes: Front lift spindles
  • Includes: Front strut top spacers
  • Includes: Differential drop brackets\Includes: Differential skid plate
  • Includes: Bump stop extensions
  • Includes: Sway bar relocation brackets
  • Includes:brake line relocation brackets
  • Includes: 4″ rear block kit
  • Includes: 2 Zone Nitrogen gas charged rear shocks
  • Includes: Mounting hardware

The system is built off stout 1/4″ thick front and rear cross members that incorporate all of the front differential mounting points to utilize the factory mounting brackets.

This whole system is perfectly incorporated with factory with your vehicle as new cross members relocate the lower control arms and matched perfectly with new extended-length ductile iron steering knuckles that will provide additional strength and durability to the system.

By this knuckles and whole system is perfectly adjusted while taking care of factory geometry and traction control settings. This provides precision and compliant handling charactertics while maintaining the feel of stock .

Moreover the Zone shocks comes with full displacement valves, dual welded ends and a tin tube design.

The suspension lift comes with all necessary hardware like bump stop extensions, sway bar relocation, strut extensions, and brake line relocation brackets along with detailed instructions manual. There is also manual in which you will find trimming steps to accommodate 35” in tires.

Key features

  • Fitmnet : 05-15 Toyota Tacoma 4WD
  • Increase tire clearance
  • Comes with Nitro Shocks for quicker response time and reduced aeration
  • Can accommodate upto 35in tires
  • Contructed from superior quality material
  • Stainless tell CNC machined steering knucles
  • Complete Front & rear lift kit
  • Backed by limited lifetime warranty

  • Accommodate 35 inch tires
  • Heavy duty front and rear cross members
  • Perfect for Off-road experience
  • CNC machined steering knuckle

  • Stock wheels cannot be reinstalled. 18” or larger wheels must be used.
  • Little welding required (steering stops)

#2 Rough Country – 747.20-6-inch Suspension Lift Kit w/Premium N2.0 Shocks for Toyota: 05-15 Tacoma 4WD, 05-15 Tacoma PreRunner 2WD

Make your truck ready for Off-road rides with Rough Country -747.20 6 inches suspension lift kit Kit w/Premium N2.0 Shocks .

Rough Country provides lift kits and off-road products consumers are looking for by focusing on consumer satisfaction, ease of installation, ride quality, and value.

The lift kit can lift the front of your vehicle with the rear while gaining enough increased ground clearance that will provide room to accommodate 33 –inch tires.

Factory Springs can easily be replaced with Rough Country’s Front and Rear Lifted springs that will made ride smoother.

The lift kit comes with N2.0 series shock absorbers that can absorb any type of vibrations and shocks and maintain best in balance performance both in on-road and off-road .

Kit Contents


  • Lifted knuckles
  • Strut spacers
  • Front crossmember
  • Rear crossmember
  • Front skid plate
  • Lower skid plate
  • Differential drop brackets
  • Steering stops
  • Bumpstops
  • Bumpstop extensions
  • Sway-bar relocation brackets
  • Brake line brackets
  • Hardware


  • 4in Fabricated lift blocks
  • U-bolts
  • Carrier bearing shims
  • Brake line brackets
  • Hardware


  • (2) Premium N2.0 series (rear)

Moreover it comes with fabricated blocks that are way stronger that and offer longer lifespan than cast block.

Installation is quite easy and full lift kits comes with bold on Installation and will take 6-8 hours to install it.You also need backspacing og 4.625 inches while installing this kit.

Don’t worry about the rust and all as this lift kit is most durable and reliable kit as it is fully rebuildable and greasable so you can easily grease it whenever it demands.

More over it comes with all necessary hardware and installation instructions. While installation expertise installation is recommended as there will be minor cutting and drilling required at certain period of time.

Key features

  • Fitment : for 05-15 Tacoma 4WD, 05-15 Tacoma PreRunner 2WD click here and for 16-18 Tacoma 4WD click here
  • Increased Ground clearance
  • Make room to accommodate 35 in tires
  • Feature Premium N2.0 series Shock absorbers
  • Fabricated blocks offering life long durability
  • Installation time: 6-8 Hours
  • Recommended tire size: 33-by-12.50 R17

  • Increased ground clearance
  • Comes with Premium N2.0 Shcoks and Fabricated blocks
  • Maintain balance between on-road and off-road ride

  • Expertise Installation recommended
  • Requires minor cutting and drilling
  • Does not work with factory wheels; Does not fit “T/X Baja” models; Does not fit “XSP-X” models


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