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Top 7 Best Truck Tents- Complete Buying Guide

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Best Truck Tents for camping – Buying Guide

Camping is always a great idea to spend more time and vacations with your family and friends.

But going miles away from your home in countryside or spending hours on the cold ground with the old traditional thin fabrics and having fear of insects & wild animals-doesn’t seems a good idea. In-fact this will make comping very hard to think in traditional way.

But don’t worry there are plenty of other options to make camping more enjoyable without carrying lots of stuff and safety equipment– And, truck bed tent is one of those best options!!!

A truck bed tent is basically a tool that let you sleep outside while making your camping enjoyable without laying down on the cold ground.

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There are plenty of options in the market to buy truck bed tent , but choosing the best is not the easy task , as there is difference in design , material used and most importantly- the price .These factors matters a lot while choosing right truck bed tent.

But don’t worry ,here we’ll help you to decide and take you closer to the product while showing all the features that will be beneficial for you to choose the right truck bed tent.

But before starting our list lets discuss the importance and benefits of having truck bed installed in your truck.

How to choose trucks Tents- Complete Buying Guide

Benefits of Having Truck Bed Tent over Ground Tent

If you love camping then you can easily understand the pain of sleeping on hard, rough uneven ground all night. And that too in winters, it’s very difficult to sleep on ground along with having fear of insects and other animals.

This is the time when you need to give new energy and boost to your camping with truck bed tents.

Having truck bed tent installed in your truck will give you extra-ordinary experience of camping with all comfort and security.

By not going into too deep let’s discuss some of the benefits of having truck bed tent installed in your truck.

  1. Easy to setup your tent

This is one of the most important benefit of having truck bed tent installed. Unlike any other normal tent in which you install tent by doing lot of efforts and it will take time also, The truck bed tent is very easy to install in shorter span of time. Hardly it will take 15-30 minutes to install.

Moreover, it is very easy to install with poles that can provide additional support. You can just attach it to your truck bed and tie it down with poles and that’s it! Done!!

This is the effort you need to install it. And most of the truck bed tent designs are manufactured to fit most of the truck models. With installation instructions, videos and color coded poles it is very easy and simple to install in minutes not like normal tents in which you have to find 3-4 people and need lot of stuff to install it.

  1. Maintain and Storage

After the camping Is over, you always need a better and safer place to store your tent so as it can stay for longer and can be used in next camping. With truck bed tent you will usually get convenient expandable carrying bags in which you can easily store your truck bed tent and carry it along with you to your next camping spot.

truck bed tent

This carrying bag will also protect and secure you tent for long period of time. Just image how will your tent look like if you keep you tent somewhere in the garage or in the store for long period of time. This is benefit of having truck bed tent as it comes with bag that helps you maintain the life of truck bed tent.

  1. Ease of Changing Campsite

Let’s suppose if you’re enjoying your camping somewhere far away and suddenly rain started on that very site then what will be your reaction!!

I know you feel very bad as this will completely destroy your camping time. But don’t worry – with truck bed tent you can overcome to this problem also.

truck bed tent

Truck bed tent provides you ability to move your tent to different campsite whenever needed. This additional mobility will surely impress you and keep your camping time alive without getting disturbed due to weather.

  1. Ease of Finding a Spot to set a tent

You don’t have to waste your time in finding a spot for camping with truck bed tent. As there is no need of soft spot or piece of ground to set up tent with truck tent.

Truck tent is that much handy that you can start your camping at any place in any time. No need to worry about changing the space and time . They are attached to your truck and convert your truck bed into very spacious room that you can take anywhere far away from your home and enjoy the experience of camping with all the best comfort and security.

  1. Safety from ground insects and animals.

If you have truck bed tent, then there is no need to worry about ground insects and animals as with truck bed tent you can easily secure yourself from insects by converting your tent into vault. And thanks to its ventilation windows that provide you all the necessary clean air and protect you from insects and other animals.

  1. No need of bedding and other accessories

With truck bed tent you will get truck mattresses (sold separately) that will eliminate the need of carrying all the additional bedding, padding and tarps like in traditional camping.

truck bed tent

  1. Ease of charging and getting Cab access

With truck bed tent you can choose that tent in which there is option and panel of rear cab access which allows you use your cab from your tent. This will help you charging your phone by connecting it into the charging slot.

truck bed tent

After knowing the benefits of having truck bed tent let’s discuss some of the factors that need to be consider before buying truck bed tent !!

Things to Consider While Buying Truck bed Tent

Tent size

We have heard many times that SIZE MATERS.. and yes in this case it really matters.

It’s always better to choose long and wide tent that can easily accommodate 2-3 adults. But here, you have to choose tent according to the size of your truck bed.

truck bed tent

You have to measure the truck bed properly before buying any truck bed tent. You can check this great truck bed measuring guide that will surely help you a lot.

Size of the truck tent is limited to your truck bed but there are some truck bed tents in the market that are higher than other beside of same length and width and will provide more room to accommodate more people. That totally depend upon their design. Some comes with poles that forms a big doom like room while other does not comes with much height.

So, it totally depends upon your requirement- don’t choose too compact designed tents that let you compromise with space. Always go according to your own need.

Material of tent

If we talk specifically about the material, then most of the tents are made up of plastic or polyester that can give you additional protection from rain and are stronger also.

But polyester tents are little expensive then plastic ones but have more features and benefits also.

Best Truck bed Tent- Complete Reviews & Buying Guide

You will also find vinyl tents though they are expensive than polyester but they are much stronger and provide more resistance to water.

So, it all depends upon the price- if you go higher in price then material will get better – like in this list, canvas tent is also there that comes with additional features but the price matters. So it’s up to you whether you have to compromise with quality or with price.


Faster installation is always the better and everyone likes it also. Installation varies from one tent to other, some tents are installed in 10-30 minutes while some will take more than 60 minutes.

Mostly tents come with pole tips and pole pockets that will make installation faster while some tents are big and take more time.

Installation time always matter a lot as during winds or rain, the tent that you can install easily and remove quickly always proves to be best.

So in these conditions the tent with less installation time wins the bet.

It’s obvious that you will take more time while installing the truck bed tent at very 1st chance however from next time you will get used to it and will take lesser time.

Ventilation windows and Poles

Ventilation is one of the most crucial thing that you have to consider while buying tents. Always go for the tents that comes with some ventilation points either that will be windows or may be air vents.

Without ventilation you will feel that you are being trapped in something and I am sure nobody wants to feel trapped and exhausted during his camping time.

Best Truck bed Tent- Complete Reviews & Buying Guide

Poles is the other factor that you can consider while buying tents. Poles directly related with the strength of the tent, stronger will be the pole safer and secure your tent will be.

Mostly poles are made up of aluminium or steel. We would prefer aluminium poles over steel as they are lighter and also give protection not like steel poles that are heavier and difficult to carry.

You will also get fiberglass poles in the market those are lighter but not as strong than aluminium and if you’re planning for a high quality tent then aluminium poles are best choice.

Weather Resistance / Water-proof

What happens if you’re enjoying your camping with your loved ones and suddenly rain starts!! I know no one wants to spoil his camp trip just because of rain.

So, it’s better to go with that material of tent which gives you all around weather protection. That saves you from heavy winds and rains.

Now a day, most of the tent material are water-proof only but don’t go just assume it, always check whether the material is water-proof or not. By this way you can keep you adventure alive!!


This is very important as without proper strapping you cannot ensure secure fit of your tent especially during wind.

Always check there are proper strapping points and straps are of good quality and covered with some soft coating or padding so that you truck surface will not get any scratches.

And moreover, Soft straps will not hurt your hands also while fitting.

Other Features / Add On

You can choose truck bed tent that comes with additional accessories or add owns that will surely cost you more but also increase your comfort.

Truck bed mattress is one of the most important add on in your truck tent. Some truck tent comes with bed mattress (with extra price) and for some you have to buy separately as per the bed and tent dimensions.

Best Truck bed Tent- Complete Reviews & Buying Guide

Some bed tent comes with built in floor also that can provide you additional layer or protection from the bed floor. But having built in floor need clear and clean bed floor so if you’re having habit of keeping some accessories or gears in your truck bed than better not to go with this design of truck bed tent with built in floor.

Some bed tents also come with unique add-on of having side pockets in your truck bed tent that will help you keep your valuables or mobile phone or anything during night time. So this will provide additional protection toy your valuables. You can choose these type of truck bed tents also.

There are other features also which matters a lot like some tents comes with mattress while other comes with ladders also , it depend upon you what you need and that will surely change the game.

After going through these factors let us move towards the list of All Time Best Truck Tents, Truck Bed Tents, Rooftop Tents that will give you ultimate experience of camping.

Here we Go!

Choose from 7 Best Trucks tents Rated top in market

#7 Napier Backroadz Truck Bed Tent (For Every Size Truck bed)

Experience the joy of Nature and make the outdoors great with the Napier outdoors Truck Tent.

Designed to blend right in, these Napier Outdoors Truck Tents are mostly made from most durable polyester and nylon taffeta.

With these tent you can easily mixed in the forest and enjoy the beauty of nature. Plus, with its built-in floor, ample ventilation and full rain fly you’ll always get a good night sleep.

You can easily install these tents for mid-size truck in 10 minutes and for large trucks it will usually take around 15-25 mins.

The Napier tent comes with spacious interior offering 5.5 feet of headroom and enough sleeping space for two adults.

It also comes with additional 6×6 ft shade awning for sun protection during the day and a full-size tape-seamed rain fly to keep you dry during rain.

Moreover, you will also get 2 mesh windows and large entrance door that offers optimal ventilation.

Don’t worry about the handling of this truck tent as it comes with handy carrying case so when the adventure is over you can simply fold and put that tent in the case and store it back behind your seat.

Overall it’s perfect to keep behind the seat for any unexpected adventures such as: camping, fishing, hunting or even tailgating.

Key Features

  • Made from polyester and nylon taffeta
  • Water Proof
  • Built-in Floor and Ample ventilation
  • Durable and Installed in 10 mins
  • Available in various sizes options
  • Large windows for ventilation
  • Most durable material
  • Protects you from rain
  • Comes with ventilation windows and built-in floor
  • Installation time is very less
  • Color-Coded, shock corded fiber glass poles for quick installation

  • Sometimes fitting will create a issue- always check truck bed size before buying

#6 Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent

Get the renowned quality of a Kodiak Canvas tent for your pick up truck. Pitch your tent anywhere your truck goes. Keep off the ground, high and dry, and away from the critters. Made with Hydra-Shield 100% cotton duck canvas that is durable, watertight, and breathable.

The truck tent is made of a superior, marine-grade, 100-percent cotton duck Hydra-Shield canvas. The custom-woven, treated canvas is ideal for tents, as the double-fill design is strong and durable, while the silicone, dry-finish treatment is watertight, breathable, and durable. As a result, campers will stay comfortable and dry even in a downpour.

Unlike synthetic fabrics or canvas with a paraffin- or oil-based treatment, Kodiak’s canvas allows water vapor to escape, minimizing condensation, humidity, and mugginess. Plus, you’ll rarely–if ever–have to retreat Kodiak canvas.

Rated for all-season use, the truck tent features five windows with no-see-um mesh for ventilation, light, and openness. The tent’s tunnel-shaped design also maximizes interior space, with a 5-foot ceiling height that lets you sit up comfortably.

You can even run a power cord from your cab to the tent through the cab access window–perfect for lighting the tent or charging your cell phone. Other details include a large D-shaped door with top-of-the-line YKK zippers, a covered entry, two handy gear pockets, and a carrying bag.

Compatible models include the Ford F Series, Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra, Dodge Ram, Toyota Tundra, and Nissan Titan.

Key Features

  • Made with superior, marine-grade, 100-percent cotton duck Hydra-Shield canvas.
  • Comes with double-fill design which is strong and durable
  • Comes with Double-fill design and dry-finish treatment makes it watertight, breathable, and durable.
  • 5 windows for ventilation
  • Durable and Installed in 15-20 mins
  • Durable as made with high quality material
  • Washable and breathable
  • Comes with 5 ventilation windows
  • Easy Installation
  • Sturdy steel tube frame and Tall 5 ft. ceiling height.
  • Ample Ventilation

  • Sometimes installation become too difficult, especially during 1st time, will take up to 45 mins also

#5 Rightline GearTruck Bed Tent 

The Rightline Gear Truck Tent lets you experience camping in a dry truck bed, up off the ground, without the complication of tarps, stakes, and guy lines.

It features a floor-less design that allows you to set up or take down the tent without removing your gear from the bed.

It also prevents the tent from picking up the dirt and grime that may be on the truck bed.

The tent is outfitted with two gear pockets, a lantern hanging hook, glow-in-the-dark zipper pulls, and a sky view vent. Measure the inside of your truck bed with the tailgate up and check the Truck Tent Sizing Guide. You can turn any spot into a comfortable campsite.

Best Truck Bed tent

It comes with protective straps and buckles made with soft polypropylene so won’t damage the truck’s finish. Installation is quite easy with its color coded poles and pole pockets so simple match it and put the pole in desired pocket it will ready in minutes.

Don’ worry about the rains as comes with optional rainfly that can provide you additional protection from rain.

Key Features

  •  Made with Water resistant fabric with tape sealed seams keeps you dry
  • Comes with unique floor-less design that Cut down on set up time
  • Sky view vent for better view, more light and ventilation
  • Also includes gear pockets, a lantern hanging hook, glow-in-the-dark zipper pulls
  • Durable and Installed in 10 mins with color coded poles
  • Water-Proof with taped sealed seems
  • Floorless design allows set up without removing gear from the bed
  • Comes with sky view window
  • Installed in 10-15 mins
  • Color coded poles for quick and easy set up

  • Choose size according to your truck bed otherwise it will break zips and straps

#4 Guide Gear Compact Size and Full Size Truck tent

This is one of the cheapest truck tent in our list!! This truck tent is basic , pretty simple to install and comes with almost all the features that you can expect in any premium truck tent.

Made to deploy in minutes, this truck tent by Guide Gear provides a fast and comfortable shelter that gets you up off the ground and saves you from insects and other animals.

Comes with top-notch construction and excellent ventilation this truck tent is best of all in such a reasonable price.

It features sewn-in polyethylene flooring that again keeps you clean from truck bed surface and Large interior area with 4.75′ of headroom that can accommodate 2 adults easily.

It provides complete weather protection whether there is high winds or rain due to it’s contruction with 190T polyester material with 1500mm water-resistance coating.

Moreover, the tent is overall very lightweight and comes with large D-shaped door and 4 shock-corded fiberglass poles & tension straps, that allows you easy and quick installation.

For excellent ventilation the tent is outfitted with mesh windows and large door and for storage purpose you will storage pockets where you can keep your mobile and other valuables.

Key Features

  • Fits pickups from Chevy, Ford, GMC, Nissan, Toyota and more, but may fit slightly different from truck to truck
  • Excellent ventilation and top-notch construction
  • 75’ of headroom
  • Comes with rainfly
  • Lightweight tent with Shock-coded fiberglass poles
  • Easy to install
  • Sewn-in polyethylene flooring
  • Most Cheaper – Best buy for buck
  • High quality material
  • Weather resistance
  • Sewn-in flooring
  • Mesh windows for ventilation
  • Easy to install

  • Less space
  • No additional awning

#3 Sportz Truck Tent Blue/Grey

No need of camping in an ordinary ground tent or in expensive RV when there is Sportz Truck tent present for you!!

The Sportz Truck Tent assembles in the back of your open-bed pickup in 10 minutes, creating a comfortable, restful sleeping area for two people.

Comes with Patent sewn in floor, this tent provides room for 2 adults with over 5.6 feet of headroom.

It also comes with large access panel that allows you to access the truck’s cab for additional storage and for other purpose also like if you want to charge your mobile then it’s better to have rear access panel.

For ample ventilation it comes with large entrance door 2 mesh windows and side vents.

The tent outfitted with 4’x4’ shade awning secures to the tailgate allowing it to be set-up anywhere and also it protects you from sun rays and from rain.

For easy and quick installation, it comes with color coded pole and sleeve system that let you install the tent in not more than 15 minutes.

The tent feature sewn in floor that keeps you clean from your truck and dry from any elements.

Spacious interior, zipped storm flaps in the windows and all around weather protection – these are all the features that makes SportZ truck tent the best of all.

Key Features

  • Available for All Full Size Crew Cab 5.5 feet box, Mid size Quad Cab 5.5- feet box, Compact short 6-feet box, Full size short 6.5- feet box, Mid Size short 6.5-feet box and Full size long 8-feet box
  • Full comfort with sewn in floor that keeps you clean from your truck floor
  • 3 mesh windows, large entrance door and 2 ceiling vents- complete ventilation
  • Spacious interior with 5.7” of headroom
  • Easy to set up in only 15 minutes
  • Cold coded poles and sleeve assembly
  • Rear cab access for extra truck storage
  • Comes with Gear pockets, gear loft and lantern holder
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Built in storm flaps and full rainfly with taped seams for ultimate weather protection
  • Highly comfortable
  • Made with high quality material
  • Color Coded poles and sleeve assembly for quick installation
  • Rear cab access and built in floor
  • Spacious Interior
  • Highly durable
  • Complete weather protection

  • Ready instructions clearly and if possible watch installation video also- otherwise you might face fitting issues.

#2 Milliard Truck Tent | Standard 6.5ft Bed

Make your camping memorable with all advanced features of Milliard truck bed tent.

Made with superior ripstop grade material that is highly durable and resistant to severe weather conditions. Moreover the fabric is resistant to wear & tear and let you breathe easily even covered from all sides.

The Milliard Truck Tent Tent will provide the ultimate in ease and convenience when travelling and built to last through many many years of fun and adventure,

Designed to last longer the tent comes with sewn in floor that does not let any dirt and mud to come inside making it more clean and cozy.

Moreover the tent features a lantern hook which let you add light during night time and inside storage pocket that provide your perfect place for keeping your wallet, books and other accessories.

Unfolding in minutes, this also comes with mesh ventilation screen on the door and window that allows you to get fresh air and also there are privacy shades that can be closed whenever required to make the room more private.

Moreover it comes with built-in rainfly and insect screened windows and doors that will protect you from rain and insects and can’t let any foreign elements to come inside the tent.

This tent fits any standard pickup truck with a bed measuring 6.5ft, including:{Chevy C/K}   {Chevy Silverado}   {Dodge Ram}   {Ford F Series}   {GMC Sierra}   {Nissan Titan}   {Toyota Tundra}

Key Features

  •  Made with superior rip-stop grade material that is highly durable and will last long
  • Comes with sewn-in floor that did not let any dirt and mud to enter
  • Lantern hook will be there to add light during night time
  • Also includes storage pockets to keep wallet, books and other accessories.
  • Comes with mesh ventilation screen on the door and window
  • Private shades are there to make room more private
  • Easy and quick setup
  • Durbale and long-lasting
  • Sewn-in Floor design 
  • Installed in 10-15 mins
  • Easy set up and worked great during rains with rainfly
  • Lantern hook to make nights even more beautiful 
  • Comes with privacy shades on windows

  • Choose size according to your truck bed otherwise it will break zips and straps

#1 Tuff Stuff Ranger Overland Rooftop Tent with Annex Room

Waiting for the #1 Position is over Tuff Stuff Overland Rooftop tent with Anne Room stands at #1 position in our list with all the advanced features and high quality fabric.

Though this is rooftop tent but this can be used in your truck also. And this is one of the most famous truck tent with rooftop integration.

This truck ten can completely convert your truck into a full-on luxury camping accommodation. Yes! Right it is one of the most luxurious truck tent that can easily accommodate upto 3 adults.

roof top truck tent

The Tuff Stuff Ranger overland roof top tent is designed to provide the ultimate comfort, ease and convenience when traveling to the most secluded camping locations.

The Rooftop Tent can unfold in minutes with little to no effort, and takes no tools to setup.

It comes with pre-installed high quality thick foam sleeping mattress so no need to buy addition mat. All bedding can be stored inside of the folding tent to free up valuable storage inside of the vehicle.

The tent is quite spacious with enough sleeping area to accommodate 2 full sized adults plus it also comes with additional annex room that you can use for accommodating extra queen size mattress , or for a mat or for a folding cot or small dining table for beautiful couple dinner.

truck bed tent

The retractable ladder can also be folded away for increased space inside of the annex room.

Installation is also easy it will take hardly 1-2 hours with 2 people to install it and it comes with all necessary hardware (even tools) to mount to most all roof racks.

Coming to the security it comes with 3 screened windows with awnings, 280g Poly/Cotton Rip Stop Fabric with Waterproof coating that can secure form outside weather and insects.

The fabric is also old and UV resistant .Handling is also easy with All aluminum frame, ladder and roof rack mounts * CLOSED DIMENSIONS: 12″H X 56″W X 48″L and OPEN DIMENSIONS: 56″W X 96″ L X 52″ H * MATRESS SIZE: 56″ X 96″.

Key Features

  •  Made from a heavy duty 280g cotton/poly fabric, a 420D polyester/ Oxford rain fly and a thick 1000D PVC driving cover 
  • No need to buy Extra Mattress- comes with pre-installed high quality thick foam sleeping mattress 
  • Spacious and Comfortable for 2 full size adults plus it also comes with additional annex room 
  • Also includes 3 screened windows with awnings and waterproof coating
  • Easy handling with aluminum frame, ladder and roof rack mounts
  • Durable ,UV resistance and Installed in 1 hour
  • Water-Proof coating and 3 screened windows 
  • Highly durable and secure
  • Protects you from UV Rays
  • 2.75″ thick high density foam
  • Easy set up with all included tools
  • Spacious and comfortable with additional annex room

  • N/A

Truck Bed Tent Buying Guide – FAQs

Q.What is best truck bed tent?

Ans. There are multiple truck bed tents available in the market. All have their different features and quality which makes them best among each other. Here, at Trucks Enthusiasts we have listed top truck bed tent according to vehicle that will surely help you to choose the best.

Q.How do you set up a truck bed tent?

Ans. Setting up truck bed is very simple. It will take not more than 30 min to set up truck bed. Here is the related video you can refer for installation of truck bed tent.

Q.Why do you need truck bed tent?

Ans. Having truck bed tent installed in your truck will give you extra-ordinary experience of camping with all comfort and security.

If you love camping then you can easily understand the pain of sleeping on hard, rough uneven ground all night. And that too in winters, it’s very difficult to sleep on ground along with having fear of insects and other animals.

This is the time when you need to give new energy and boost to your camping with truck bed tents.

Q. Can u drive with truck bed installed?

If you mean during slow speeds, like if you are in a campsite and need to move the truck, then yes you can drive with the truck tent installed. But for anything other than that you would have to take the tent down. It is not designed for the high winds of highway speed.

Q.What accessories and gears do I need along with truck bed tent?

Ans. There are multiple accessories and gears you can add along with truck bed tent. The Most important is Air bed Mattress. You can also buy Awning Rooftop Pull Out Tent Shelter that can extend your truck tent to wider area.

There are awning rooms also available that helps in changing or keeping privacy. If you want to place truck roof top tent then you should need adjustable Tuff Stuff Rooftop Tent Truck Bed Rack  that holds the tent on the rooftop.

For Air bed mattress you surely need Electric air pump.

Q.What size mattress is best for your truck bed?

Ans. To get best size air mattress for your truck you need to measure your truck bed dimensions then according to the dimensions and model of your truck you can choose best Air Bed Mattress for your truck.

Q.How to measure your truck bed?

Ans. Measuring the truck bed is not that easy task that it sounds as there are several points that have to be measure to get overall dimensions. And also it is quite important to get proper size air mattress. Here is best guide to measure truck bed that surely helps you in measuring your truck bed.

Q.How do you tie down a mattress in a truck?

Ans. If you’re moving one site to another then tying down mattress is very important as while moving there are high chances that wind can cause mattresses to blow off a vehicle, and the mattress can also be damaged by debris. So you need to tie mattress in a truck that will secure your mattress along with tent.  Here are 4 simple steps to tie down mattress that will surely help you in securing your mattress while moving.

Q.How much a good truck tent cost?

Ans. To buy a good truck tent you need to consider lot of factors like  size, material , style , installation , ventilation windows , poles and other features/add ons. The cost of the truck tent varies from $100 to $1000 – depending upon the tent you choose. However, if you don’t want to spend that much then a typical good truck tent can cost you around $350-$400 that can last up to 10 years.

Q.Is it worth to buy truck bed tent?

Ans. If you love camping and usually goes on camping very often then having truck bed tent is very good and safe option to get ultimate experience of camping. You can check all the advantages of Truck bed tent over any ground tent. This will surely tell you whether it is worth to buy truck bed tent or not!

Q.What is life of truck bed tent?

Ans.  If maintained properly and you don’t go to camping very often then a good truck bed tent can easily last up to 10 years.


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