Banks 25981 Techni-cooler Intercooler system | Reviews,Pros & Cons |for 5.7L ’06 Dodge Cummins

Banks 25981 Techni-cooler Intercooler system | Reviews,Pros & Cons |for 5.7L ’06 Dodge Cummins
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DESIGN: Banks 25981 techni-cooler intercooler  is a system that reduces the Boost Air Temperature and minimal the Boost Pressure Loss. It also maximizes the Fuel Economy and provides the higher Continuous Power for boosted air density. It also increases the performance of your vehicle.

It provides the full efficiency to your Engine and improves the Combustion. It also compact all aluminum end tanks and eliminates the huge inlet/outlet. This product also passed all the outgoing and ingoing testing that ensures unparalleled functionality, product endurance and quality control.


 It provides lower exhaust gas temps and also decreases the restriction for superior flow. Moreover, the package includes Techni-Cooler Intercooler, High Flow 3.5” Mandrel-Bent, High Flow Boost Tubes, High-Ram Intake along with all Necessary Hardware.

The bank Intercooler dramatically increase air density with its thicker core that results in 27% more flow volume.

More it comes with wide-open inlet and outlet and it reduces boost pressure loss thereby maximizing boost air. This intercooler is engineered to lower any restriction for superior flow and increase air density by dropping temperature of hot air for higher continuous power.

It comes with special Monster-Ram intake for RAM lovers and ultimately helps in improving power, durability & fuel economy.

INSTALLATION: The installation of this product takes more than 6 hours to install. It comes with installation instructions and all hardware, so that you can easily install it to your vehicle.

Furthermore, it also comes with limited lifetime warranty.

You should install it from licensed mechanic and the company also provides the mechanic to install it to your vehicle. You need to contact on company to call a mechanic to install.

Installation Time:5-6 hours

Difficulty Level: Moderate Mechanical skill required.


BrandBanks Power
Dimensions45*32*10 inches
Weight71 Pounds
Fitment TypePerformance/Custom
CategoryAutomotive Engine Parts

APPLICATION: Banks 25981 techni-cooler intercooler system designed and engineered for 06 Cummins 5.9 liter. It provide direct bolt on fitment to your vehicle.


  • It improves the flow and horsepower.
  • The installation of this product is very easy and fit perfectly.
  • It increases the boost, power, cooler EGTs of your vehicle.
  • Thicker core with 27% more flow volume
  • Large 3-1/2 inch boost tubes, superior aluminum end tank design
  • Includes Monster-Ram intake
  • Emissions compliant: CARB EO D-161-82
  • It looks really cool and pretty simple to install.

  • But the installation took more than 6 hours.
  • The A/C condenser will not bolt up unless it is the style where you can move the brackets.


There are hundreds of customers who liked this product because of its good performance at very low price. It directly fits on your vehicle and there is no need to modify the wiring of the product.

Moreover, the material which is used to make this is very high quality that provides the long durability.The inter-cooler passed all the outgoing and ingoing testing that ensures unparalleled functionality, product and quality.

It also helps to enhance the boost, power, cooler EGTs of your vehicle.You can install it in whatever position you want as it comes with custom fitment.


Conclusively, this product is one of the best products that is used to enhance the performance and durability of your product.

With this product you will get more easy combustion, more power, easy engine breathing and less black smoke that will ultimately enhance the performance of the truck.

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