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If you’re a Proud Owner of Ram 1500 and looking for the best exhaust system to replace your Ram’s stock exhaust and unleashes it’s true performance then you must be at right place.

Here at Trucksenthusiasts, we the group of truck lovers listed the best exhausts by analyzing and reviewing the different exhaust systems and studying their reviews and ratings from the real customers like you.

If you surely wants to upgrade your stock exhaust and wants to unleash the beast’s power and make it goes like crazy with that tire-burning horsepower than this list surely helps you in buying the best exhaust system for your Ram 1500 .

Whether you’re a performance enthusiasts or a budget looking driver these exhaust systems will helps you achieving your performance goals by giving your truck a healthy grizzly growl.

So before you browse the web or hit the high street to buy, take a look over these 5 best exhaust system for Ram 1500 truck that let your engine breathe free by removing any of the restrictions.

Without wasting much time let’s move straight towards our list of best performance exhaust for Ram 1500.

Here we Go!

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#5 JBA (6961S) 1-7/8″ Stainless Steel 4 into 1 Primary Long Tube Exhaust Header for Dodge RAM

Let your engine breathe free and remove that restrictive inefficient stock exhaust manifold with JBA 6961S long tube Exhaust Cat4ward Header.

“JBA is dedicated to engineering and manufacturing quality exhaust and performance products that exceed our customers’ expectations while providing unparalleled service.”

JBA Cat4ward Exhaust headers unlocks your engine’s power and potential for unrestricted flow and hence increases the performance of your truck .

Available in 4 finishes: Nickel-Chrome, Stainless Steel, Silver Ceramic and Titanium Ceramic – JBA Cat4ward Exhaust headers comes with Mandrel-bent tubing ensures a consistent pipe diameter throughout for unrestricted flow.

You can see the horsepower gains up to 7-10 hp, major increases in torque and throttle response with precision built JBA Cat4ward Exhaust headers.

The JBA over sized exhaust ports provide enhanced exhaust flow and its Patented Firecone collector vastly improves exhaust scavenging for better power, torque and throttle response.

Made in USA it includes all premium mounting hardware and beefy 3/8” thick, one piece, laser cut head flanges for a lean-free seal and easy installation.

The JBA Header is backed up by 1 year warranty.

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Key Features

  • Custom Designed for 2006-2017 Dodge RAM 1500/2500/
  • Free-Flowing Exhaust with over-sized exhaust ports boosts horsepower, torque and even fuel economy.
  • Available in 4 finishes: Nickel-Chrome, Stainless Steel, Silver Ceramic and Titanium Ceramic
  • Comes with Mandrel-bent tubing ensures consistent pipe diameter
  • Dyno testing shows typical performance gains on modern, fuel injected V8s to be 10-25hp with similar increases in torque
  • Comes with Patented Firecone collector vastly improves exhaust scavenging for better power, torque and throttle response
  • Includes beefy 3/8″ thick, one piece, laser-cut head flanges and premium mounting hardware
  • No-weld, bolt-on design uses factory mounts for easy installation
  • Backed by 1-year Warranty

#4 MagnaFlow 15363 Large Performance Exhaust Kit

MagnaFlow is the Performance Division of Car Sound Exhaust System, Inc. located in Southern California. Car Sound has been a world leader in the manufacture of catalytic converters and exhaust components for over 20 years.

Their products are backed by modern production facilities, years of research and a constant commitment to innovative technologies and manufacturing methods

Manufactured in USA , Magnaflow MF Series Performance Exhaust are best for those who are looking for increased performance and better economy along with deep sound.

Custom Engineered for your Specific year, make and model the Magnaflow Exhaust system delivers the smooth deep sound with wide-open performance power for every enthusiast.

Crafted from 405 stainless steel with a high-temperature satin black coating it provides your truck lifelong durability.

This MF series exhaust kit frees your ride by featuring straight-through pipe design which gives ultimate unrestricted horsepower and torque for big power while maintaining exhaust efficiency.

This MagnaFlow 15363 Dual Rear Exit 3″ Cat-Back Exhaust System comes with two 5″ black exhaust tips and is engineered to balance interior and exterior noise levels.

The Exhaust system comes with mandrel-bent tubing and a straight through flow design to maximize flow.

Comes with lifetime warranty these systems are an engineered balance of interior and exterior noise levels and are tested against SAE j1169 standards.

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Key Features

  • Custom designed for 09-15 Ram 1500 5.7L with standard, extended or crew cabs
  • Free- Flowing and Restriction free pipe designs
  • Increased Horsepower and Torque
  • Increase Gas Mileage
  • Built with 409 stainless steel tubing and mufflers features steel mesh with dense acoustical absorbing material for harsh for smooth sound
  • Comes with variety of exhaust pipe sizes, colors and exit types
  • Noise levels are tested against SAE j1169 standards.
  • Street legal in all 50 States
  • Backed by lifetime warranty.

#3 MBRP S5146AL Aluminized Dual Split Rear Cat Back Exhaust System

Say no to your OEM exhaust and Let your ride breathe easy with MBRP Performance Exhaust System.

For almost 20 years MBRP inc. has been delivering performance enthusiasts the most in power, the most in product quality and the most in customer responsiveness.

This product listed at 3rd position in our list. The reason for being is the cost. It is the best buy for your buck.

Constructed from premium material – MBRP systems are made from T304 stainless, T409 stainless or aluminized steel.

Specially designed smooth mandrel-bent tubing reduces turbulence, back pressure and restrictions which results in free flowing of exhaust and boosted horsepower and MPGs.

The MBRP exhaust system are powered by flow-through mufflers that gives you aggressive rumble and rick mellow exhaust note by reducing any excessive noise.

Thanks to its 7 Different series for all driving types that let you enjoy your ride and allows you to make your exhaust to meet all your needs.

Whether for power seeking enthusiasts or for performance lovers this exhaust unleash the hidden power by ditching the unrestricted flow of OEM Exhaust.

Don’t worry about the installation- it’s easy with just bolt-on fitment without any welding required.

Available in single or dual systems, plus rear or side exit (depend upon the vehicle) it also includes all necessary hardware, clamps , instructions to direct fit to the OEM hangers.

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Key Features

  • Custom designed for 2009-UP Dodge Ram 1500 with standard, extended or crew cabs
  • Free- Flowing and Restriction free pipe designs
  • Increased Horsepower and Torque
  • Increase Gas Mileage
  • Built with heavy duty aluminized steel and powered by flow-through mufflers for aggressive sound
  • Choose from 7 powerful series for your custom set up
  • Also available in chrome stainless steel or durable black coated aluminized steel
  • Comes in single or dual systems, plus rear or side exits
  • No-weld just bold-on installation
  • Includes all necessary hardware, clamps, and instructions to direct fit to the OEM hangers

#2 Flowmaster 817477 Cat-back System 409S – Dual Rear Exit – American Thunder

Flowmaster’s American Thunder Cat-back exhaust system for the Dodge Ram 1500 is perfect for the person that is looking for a very deep and aggressive sound level outside and inside the truck along with all of the performance benefits that you would expect from Flowmaster.

Custom- designed for your specific year , make and model the flow-master cat back exhaust system comes in 4 series according to the driver needs.

The outlaw series of Flowmaster is the most aggressive, race-oriented and perfect system for those drivers who loves loud sound levels.

If you want the original and a moderate to aggressive interior and exterior tone than go for American Thunder.

dBX Flowmaster is perfect for smaller displacement four- and six-cylinder engines and can be used in both imported and domestic cars and trucks.

And the 4th One i.e. Force II features a mild, chambered muffler tone for enthusiasts looking for performance gains with quieter sounds.

Talking about the Flowmaster Exhaust System – it gives your truck impressive power gains with boost in MPG.

Made from aluminum or Stainless steel large- diameter mandrel bent- pipes it delivers the easy and restriction free exhaust flow.

Along with superior quality high-performance mufflers the kit also includes tubes, tips, clamps , hardware & hangers and installation instructions.

Not only this it comes in dual rear exit configurations now you can choose whatever you want depending upon your truck configuration.

The Flowmaster 817477 Cat back Exhaust System backed up 3 year warranty.

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Key Features

  • Custom designed for your 2009 to 2018 Dodge Ram 1500 truck with 5.7L Hemi Magnum engine, fits 2 and 4 wheel drive models and all wheelbases. Does not fit trucks with factory single exit tailpipe.
  • Free- Flowing and Restriction free pipe designs
  • Increased Horsepower and Torque
  • Increase Gas Mileage
  • Comes in Aluminum & Stainless steel Construction
  • Available in dual rear exit configuration
  • Comes in 4 different series for drivers seeking for different sounds
  • Street legal in all 50 States
  • Backed by limited lifetime warranty


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